New breakfast ideas please?

Has anyone got a good ideas for breakfast? Getting so bored of the same toast, tea and fruit. Something fairly easy and vegetarian please! Maybe I could have a look at someone's meal plans (if you're happy to share!)

And does anyone know how I can make myself start to like porridge? I've tried so many times but I just can't stomach enough which makes me even hungrier (don't ask why, I really don't know!)

Thank you :)


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  • 2 eggs any style, with a small handful of nuts or a little whipped double cream :-)

    Obviously if you need a little more then a small amount of porridge isn't going to last; do you have whole-milk and no sugar (either way, it sounds like you've given it a fair go; there are always alternatives)?

    However, you may also be experiencing a drop in blood glucose because your body is producing too much insulin? Have you had your blood glucose tested, and do you have fat around your waist for instance?

  • 2 egg omelette or scrambled egg with any veg you like, use herbs or spices to alter flavour. I like peppers with chili, mushrooms and chives, tomatoes and oregano. Or if I want something sweeter 2 eggs beaten with a small just ripe mashed banana, cook like a large pancake and top with raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. I don't eat meat either, quorn can offer some more variety - quorn sausage with egg and cooked tomato, quorn sausage with tomato, fresh spinach , and crumbled feta cheese. Or cut up quorn burgers instead of the sausage or lightly sautée some quorn pieces in olive oil.. These are my breakfasts on days off or late shifts though I wouldn't be able to eat these when I've got to be at work for 8am. Then I take the plain no sugar porridge sachets with some fresh or defrosted berries and whole milk with me.☀️

  • Just wondered about the thoughts on cholesterol having eggs for breakfast every day. I've been having a 2 egg omlette every morning since February 1st and it's great. However I'm trying to find out if it may impact on cholesterol? Any ideas?

  • Wow that's from an old post! Dietary cholesterol in food like eggs doesn't impact on cholesterol in your blood as was once thought - unless you are diagnosed with a particular inherited form of raised blood cholesterol called familial hypercholesterolemia it should be fine though maybe a little boring every day?

  • no they contain cholesterol but they are good for you

  • Yes I can help re. Liking porridge. You need to 'jazz it up'. Here's how:

    Soak the porridge overnight with milk and a bit of water with honey or nectar if desired.

    Next top it with natural your, about 2 or 3 table spoons

    Add fresh fruits such as blue or strawberries and other chopped fresh fruits or dried fruits.

    Optional Sprinkle nuts or pumpkin, sunflower or other seeds.

    Ready to eat.

    Yes it's a bit of work but the trick is to have all your chosen ingredients prepared the night before. I put all prepared stuff in tupper ware so I just all in the porridge mixture and I am off to work with my brekkie to be eaten at my desk. The porridge can last up to 2 days in the fridge. Try quinoa as well, it's delicious as porridge in fact I prefer it to the salad version.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • This is nearly what I have discovered recently! I use thin long life coconut milk instead of normal milk; it sweetens it too.

  • where is this body-building website?

  • A bit late replying but thank you so much!! So are you following a low carb diet at all?

  • I have recently started a diet for my heart which is Vegan with no fat. For breakfast I soak oats overnight with Light Soya milk along with a handful of raisins, I find this quit enjoyable and very healthy.

  • You might also consider thinking outside the breakfast box. It doesn't have to be so-called breakfast foods. I read somewhere that some people will eat things like lentil soup for breakfast. Actually that sounds rather good on a cold morning.

  • I have been known to eat leftover curry for breakfast; gorgeous

  • How about making houmous and lettuce wrap . Quick easy and delicious plus your getting a veggie in 😊

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Decent oats; add a tsp of flaxseed. Soak about 30 to 40g in Alpro light coconut milk (it's a long life one and low in calories). Add one dried prune(! these are not low in calories hence the limitation) chopped up and maybe a nut or two chopped. I have just discovered cocoa nibs which are delightful. The oats soften and plump up. Don't add any sweetener, it doesn't need it. I add a tiny pinch of salt to the oats; it does help.

    They are supposed to lower cholesterol; no idea if they do but they won't raise it

  • I understand what you mean about porridge. So here is a slightly different version. Vary it as you wish.

    35g of whole oats porridge, 1 or 2 eggs and 15g of flaked almonds. Mix the egg into the porridge and leave until all the liquid is absorbed. I then fry in mild olive oil (this one has no flavour) for about 2-3 minutes. If you don't think it is enough liquid then you can add a drop of milk or in my case water whilst I am cooking the mixture.

  • I know what you mean about porridge. I can feel hungry two hours after eating it. Just recently I have made ratatouille and have been eating that for breakfast with some grated cheese on top and it keeps me going until lunchtime. Occasionally I have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, no toast or bread, so carbohydrate free which suits me.

  • I just have porridge oats made with water mixed with a drop of milk because I like it. Then I have a slice of granary toast with don't need butter on it. I'm a bit boring where breakfast is concerned, but sometimes I have two slices of grilled back bacon on a Scotch breakfast roll and dip one side into the fat that came off the bacon. Sorry - but I have to tell the truth. Yes - I could do with losing a bit of weight too, I've spent most of my life counting calories.

  • hi, I would also like to hear some ideas about porridge because the exact same thing happens to me I get so hungry after eating it, so I don't eat it anymore

  • My fave oat breakfast is easy overnight oats. It's really simple and tasty.

    For 2 portions 75g porridge oats, 12.5g dried cranberries, 12.5g sultanas, 25g ready to eat apricots, 150ml unsweetened apple juice. Cut apricots and put all ingredients into a bowl and soak overnight. In the morning add fresh fruit (I defrost 50g each of blueberries and raspberries) and 4 tbsp low fat yoghurt. You can vary the fruit as you please.

    I'm not keen on traditional porridge with milk. This recipe has me eating oats on a regular basis.

  • Since the start of Feb I've been having 2 egg omlette with or without any left over vegetables (from previous nights dinner) chucked in). Or topped with cottage cheese and pineapple (low fat). And a little sweet chilli sauce on the side ( depending on what the filling is in the omlette). But generally a high protein 2 egg omlette is more than enough to keep my appetite locked up until lunchtime.

    I was also finding that when eating porridge for breakfast I was hungry again by 10.30am, and any bread based breakfast just bloats me for a hour or so and then leaves me hungry. Eggs are the breakthrough for me. Although I do find myself wondering about cholesterol with eggs every day.

  • Try over night oats - lots of recipes on the internet but basically I just put frozen fruit, and then a portion if oats and yoghurt of top stick it in fridge the night before

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