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Nothing good comes easy, they usually say. I have been on this weight loss journey for about a year now. I am not really asking for advice though, because I don't really need some. I did a complete overhaul of my diet, totally eliminated white carbs except my tortilla wraps (I can't do without those). I was able to lose 20 pounds. i stopped though, because i found the new diet really boring and I have a weakness for chocolate. I also started working out thrice a week. I found out that taking apple cider vinegar thrice a day also helps tremendously. I was able to lose additional 2 pounds and maintain the weight. Now to the problem. I am bored and I hate routines. I still try to work out at home thrice a week though. I need new healthy diet ideas, but if the food is bland or boring I won't eat it. I also discovered spicy food is good for weight loss. Has anyone tried this? Lol! I need the lazy girl's guide to maintaining the appropriate weight. Let me know all your weight loss tips. I am so open to new ideas right now...

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Hi TheVee


Good to see that some tricks are helping you

I always keep saying... Home made food is the best

Avoid packaged stuff

Low carb works best

Have healthy fats like butter avocado evoo.

These fats help increase metabolic rate

All refined carbs & carbs lower the metabolic rate

Have a moderate amount of class 1 proteins

All non starchy veggies

1serving of fruits per day. All berries are wonderful for our health

All the best...

I am in a similar situation - lost 3 stones last year by calorie counting but haven't recently been keeping it up, and slowly some weight has crept back on. I am trying to avoid large amounts of carbs - aiming to have fruit and yogurt with a little muesli for breakfast, only occasionally having bread for lunch - aiming for more salads and soups. Dinner I have various main meals of meat and veg but trying to eat more fish and only light mousses afterwards or a half portion of a dessert. Yogurts, bananas and pears for snacks with occasional square or two of chocolate or a handful of granola to munch on. This diet is maintaining my weight - I really have to concentrate now on the portion control, if I want to start losing weight again! Good luck with finding what works for you!


Congratulations on the 20 pounds you have lost, and most of all, that you managed to keep your diet for a year. Maybe you really need diversity to go on. If you love to cook, look for healthy recipes on the web - there is plenty. You may check fitandslimvideos.com. Include new low-calorie foods - try something you have not tried so far.

You say that you "have a weakness for chocolate". Diet is not a torture, you will lose more when giving up on it, rather than have a piece of chocolate sometimes.

You say that you "started working out thrice a week". Yes, it is a good idea to do sports. Choose something that makes you happy. Do it with friends, if you can.

Losing weight, like any good thing, takes time. Do not give up, the results are worth it.

I hope I've been at least a little helpful to you.

I wish you success!

Lovely to see you back, DD you will soon lose the pounds, I am sure

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