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I'm a newbie 😬😊

So I'm 35 and have gastric reflux have had it for years and A haitus hernia diagnosed last year I'm struggling with so many different foods and I am losing if not lost the will is anyone in a similar position to share some experiences with please

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Abdominal hiatus hernia ?


I used to get bad gastric reflux - however since I have lost around 10Kg it has completely gone away. I am thinking that it was being caused by the excessive visceral fat surrounding my internal organs


I have a hiatus hernia as well as Barretts .After being on WFPB no oil diet for 18 months I no longer need to take Omeprazole a proton pump inhibitor drug.


Well done. I too am on Omeprazole. Please can you tell me what WFPB means. Many thanks 😀😀


Hi daisy,

I'm very knew to this site, but I think WFPB means eating

Whole Foods Plant Based.

I only joined up today so I'm just reading up and looking into sites to join.



Oh Hi willow! Thank you for that - I really wasn't sure - so thank you for taking the time to reply 😀. Wishing you all the very best on your journey. I'm a newbie myself so just finding my way round xx


Yes Willow is right. I am on whole food plant based way of eating which is vegan but with NO OIL look at forks over knives website and dr esselstyn on YouTube, good luck




Well once you control bs and take grain-free diet your abdomen will become placid, your bowels would be more comfortable and hyperacidity and hernia will stop harassing. Keep stomach half empty and at least for 2 hours after food intake don't lie down. Standing or semi reclining / recumbent position will help. Avoid very spicy foods.

An indian ayurvedic medicine "maharasnadi kwath " can help you a lot. If interested ask me. I will guide you to my best.

If diaphragmtic defect is big surgery can be considered.


Some people have acid reflux due to low stomach acid, so taking antacids exacerbates the issue, as well as impacting on their level of nutrition as these things gretaly reduce nutrient absorption.

I found cutting out anything processed worked for me, so stick to a clean food diet. I also tried taking organic applecider vinegar prior to eating, or on foods as a condiment. I still like this, & use it regularly, but rarely suffer since I started eating kefir two or three times a day. This definitely improved my digestion at both ends, & hopefully in the middle.


Hi all, I joined this site because I have mild Barrett's and a small hiatal hernia. I have been on PPI's for over 2 years, and I believe they have had a negative effect on my health. A person needs some stomach acid in order to absorb vitamins and minerals. Be sure to read about taking PPI's long term ( very concerning).


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