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I am new to this community. I am trying to lose weight for my wedding and have been following Slimming World for the last 6 weeks and have lost 8 1/2lbs.I have been completing my weigh ins at my mum's house because I am in the process of moving and saving up for my wedding. I am trying to eat more healthily in order to enable me to lose weight for my wedding and any help and support I get from other members of the community will be thoroughly appreciated..

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Start cutting down on sugars and refined carbs

Take home made foods

Start some exercise prog... maybe as simple as walking

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Hi sheryl try the extra easy sp plan for two weeks and you will see the weight drop off, I did this and I am now a target member at my slimming world group, have a look online as it gives you a seven day eating plan for extra easy sp Good luck Gail


Hi there, I agree with Sheryl re cutting down on sugar and refined carbs. I have never followed the Slimming World diet but I know that you can eat Muller Light yogurts and they don't contain any syns, that's as far as I'm aware anyway, but they contain a high amount of sugar. Low fat food is laced with loads of sugar so diet yogurts are not the best things to eat, possibly the Slimming World cereal bars also contain sugar but I don't know.

Also, refined carbs are a high GI food and don't fill you up and are not as healthy as wholewheat cars i.e. wholemeal bread/wholewheat pasta.


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