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Why not introduce yourself to the rest of the community? Say hello and share something interesting about yourself by commenting below. Welcome!

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Hi I'm daisybell. Just found this community and boy am I glad I did!

I always want to eat healthy but it can be hard with so many temptations. I'm really interested in cooking and seeing what recipe suggestions people have.

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look up kedgree if your into fish it a salmon recipe but simple and cheap to make xx


I am Claud, I am vegetarian and love cooking!

Sometimes people think I eat healthy just because I am veggie and can cook, but I am as vulnerable to have 'bad' eating days as everyone else. Sometimes I just want to eat chips and garlic source, for example. OMG I absolutely love garlic!!

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Hey Claud,

I am a vegetarian, too!

J x

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Perhaps you could share your favourite recipes ?

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its the sweet tooth that kills me x

Hi People. I'm really hoping for some good advice on how to lose some weight! I have RA & have put on 2 & half stone since I was started on prednisolone 2 plus years ago :(

I do try to eat healthy with lots of fruit & veg but can't seem to get into diet mode as whatever I do the weight keeps piling on.

Any advice welcome please.

Lahnie x

Hi Lahnie,

Hope you can find what you're looking for here. We are discussing healthy eating in general.

There's also a weightloss community if you're interested: nhsweightloss.healthunlocke...

Good luck!

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Hi Lahnie, I have had really good results losing weight (very slowly) while suffering general ill health that prevented me from moving about much. I am a Weight Watcher. But to sum up their two options. The first is similar to kcal counting in that you can eat anything but have to limit the portion sizes to fit into your kcal allowance. The second is the better one for me, it suggests you limit your foods to fruit, veg including the starchy ones, very lean protein, and only low kcal servings of bread. It recommends daily intakes of oil and low/zero fat dairy. It does not limit the amounts you eat, although it does work better if you stick to average portion sizes. So occasionally I will have a second portion if I am very hungry. I have found it very successful, especially because of the level of support offered by my class leader and the other members, both on-line and face to face. But as a serial dieter, I know that any method works if you follow it 80% of the time. It is managing the 20% so it doesn't run away with you, which is my most besetting problem. Perhaps you can join the community and follow the advice on the weight loss section of this site. It's not the starting which is the problem it's the keeping going and for that you need your support group round you. Good Luck with choosing what you are going to do. Venus

Hi everyone, I'm glad this site is here for us all to share. I'm a vegetarian and have been all my life,which is odd because none of my family are or were.I had a flu like illness thirty odd years ago and since then my health has suffered. Until then I was slim and healthy as can be.I have suffered with psoriasis all these years and for the last three or four years have had an underactive thyroid.I had my gallbladder removed last year and was told I had a fatty liver.Even the docs thought that strange with my "healthy" lifestyle I have arthritis in my feet and hands and have slowly been putting on weight. I have just had my sixtieth birthday and want to be healthy again.

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we should be buddies as I am also 60, had two knee replacements , gallbladder and I am healthy but not losing any pounds

I eat very little junk food ...

Vegan, max-exercise, min-sleep - in short spartan, somewhat ascetic, and of course frugal. How is one - these apocryphal and eschatalogical times - to find a parallel of normalcy?

Hi folks,

I am interested in health and fitness. Always had an interest in herbs and foods for their medicinal and nutritional value.

I am interested in learning more about vegetarian protein options and recipes that may satisfy my taste buds.

Hello, I joined this group today. I am a white meat person fish and chicken. I find it difficult to eat any bread as it feels like I have eaten a slab of concerete. I suffer with an over active thyroid. I take T3+T4 daily. I also suffer from FM Fybromyalgia I take meds for this condition, I also have Hypomobility. Sounds awful but I live with it and I am a fighter.

I force my self to get up, go for a walk, do house work, have time for my animals and my family. I am cutting back on sugar. I am not a diabetic my bllod came back ok. I find with sugar things I get hypo. I like fruit for breakfast and a salad wrap for lunch. evening consist of various meals from curry to a roast..pulses are used a lot with spinch.

Hi I just joined and am about to try the two day diet. Has anyone any knowledge of this diet.

Hi, just joined. Struggle to lose weight, interested in healthy eating and how to stick with it when the cravings/self-destruct button come in to play!

Hi, I've all ready lost 9 pounds and trying to keep my motivation going for the next 7 or so I want to loose


Hi There. I am trying to eat healthy and lose weight for my daughters wedding in 5 months time. I am eating fish chicken salads and plenty of vegetables/fruit whilst doing the 5:2 diet. I have just joined the forum and am looking forward to seeing peoples comments.

I would like to eat healthier .... I can hear the cries from everyone well that's easy you just eat more fruit and veg and cut out refined sugars, bad fats and packaged food .... Yup it's soooo easy to type but to put it into practice is a whole new story .... So how to you put it into practice make it exciting, make it something you want to eat (come on no one wants to eat a mountain of green over cooked mushy veg yuck) so I guess I'm on here to gain, share, swap some new healthy receipes and get some fab tips on how to avoid the sugar (I've stopped smoking and have increased my chocolate consumption which I don't have a problem with but my jeans seem to be just recently having trouble with it) ... And whoever said just don't buy the chocolate in the first place out of sight out of mind I would if I could but I have five children we tend to have a couple of chocolate biscuits in the pantry, fridge, in my stash drawer in my bedroom ... so I think this community would be good to interact with likeminded people to eat healthy .... I am not dieting or wanting to lose weight (if it happens thou I'm quite happy with that side effect) I'm after inspiration for eating healthy for my lifestyle and family :)

Well...... here goes, I have made a number of attempts at losing weight, but I always end up back at the same point!! FAT!! But I am sick of not being successful and becoming healthier.... So this time, I AM going to do it....

Well...... here goes, I have made a number of attempts at losing weight, but I always end up back at the same point!! FAT!! But I am sick of not being successful and becoming healthier.... So this time, I AM going to do it....

Hi I'm jaytea I have just started a healthy eating plan and looking forward to the journey.


I am interested in healthy eating.

I have an unhappy digestive system and want to have a better diet to make it happy again.

Hello. I need to lose 2 stone, but I have M.E. and can't exercise. Anybody know of any good diet plans for Chronic fatigue sufferers

Hi I am Dee. I am very passionate about healthy eating ans exercise. I started my healthy lifestyle as a result of my mom's passing. I can't say it has been easy but I am proud of how far I have come.

Hello everyone. I have just found Daisybell's entry and like her I just found this community and have only just joined and am looking forward to learning plenty and getting some good tips. Done slimming world and weight watchers so this first time of calorie counting and hoping 1400 calories is enough to satisfy my appetite - if not I will be asking for advice and look forward to chatting. Have a good week everyone.

Hi I'm catwoman I'm 64 and 5' 2" I weigh 10 st 5lbs.I've followed weight watchers Scottish slimmer and slimming world all with some success over the years.but now I'm the heaviest I've ever been and having problems losing weight.I have confirmed thyroid disease under active and have recently started on thyroxin.also I'm waiting for confirmation of a biopsy for celiac disease,but have been told by the consultant to eat gluten/wheat free anyway because of stomach I'd really like to hear from anyone also following a gluten free diet for health reasons who's trying to loose weight as I'm lost as to where to start.

I really wished they had gone the whole way with groundnut oil too. That is my favourite high temperature frying oil because of its high burning point. But it always seems to be the Cinderella in these experiments so I am beginning to wonder about my choice.

Hello I 'm Ann I am 58 years 59 in February and weigh 16st I am going to follow the healthy eating plan. I really need to lose weight, but find it hard to stick to a diet. I love chocolate! I also wake up in the night and want to eat!

Hi, I'm Barbara, retired,63, dog owner, I am 3 stone overweight, and have diabetes 2, hypertension and high cholesterol (on medication for all those) Decided last week to sort myself out. I have joined the Couch to 5k programme, and am on week 2 in a couple of days, I am counting calories on a daily basis. I bought myself a wristband which measures my steps, and measures calories burned. I have also bought a kitchen scale which will help me to measure calories, and a better bathroom scale to measure my weight and body fat. I like to cook from scratch for me and my husband (he had a quadruple bypass 5 years ago) I am eating all the things I enjoy, old fashioned cooking, so cottage pies, casseroles, risotto, lasagne, salads, fish, homemade soups etc. I hardly ever eat desserts. At the moment I am walking over 10000 steps daily and eating between 1200 and 1500 calories per day. I plan meals a week in advance an choose meals I can prepare quickly and freeze when I bulk cook. The portions of my food are much smaller and I eat fruit and nuts when I need a snack. Being diabetic I have to eat regularly, so I have three meals between 9 am and 7 pm. I have totally cut out bad snacking such as crisps and chocolate. My energy levels have increased already. I am looking forward to reading any advice anyone can offer me. I am hoping to reach my target by the end of August this year. Wish me luck !!!

Hi l am Terry and was told 6 years ago l had diabetes 2 l was so shock and scared the doc sent me to a meeting at the diabetes and l cried all the way home l was so scared to loss my sight . So the next day l went to the doc and we came up with a plan. With a lot of hard work l lost 100 pounds l felt great and every one was happy for me well l have kept it of for a year and then went back home to Wales U.K for 3 years in a row and gained 35 pounds back and l cant seem to get that fight back to loss it. Any help l can get l will take to get that feeling again.

I am a new member of the group. I have been suffering from arthritis for quite sometime and wonder what treatment is effective for this kind of disease. The most effected part is my fingers. All joints are mostly swollen and painful especially in the morning. Recently I have been recommended to take honey and cinnamon powder and still waiting for the effect. Anybody can advice me on this problem?

Hi.  I'm Loz.  I did the health quiz today (result was good - yay!) and then discovered this site.

I've recently become semi-retired (61 years old) and although I'm at a healthy weight I'm concerned that I'll be tempted to eat more when I'm at home.  I'm hoping to balance my love of food/drink with a love of walking :o)

I'm always on the look-out for recipes, exercise ideas and healthy tips to keep me as fit as possible for as long as possible.

Hoping to learn and contribute :o)

Hi everyone 😃 I'm Nicki.. In the last year I have gained 1st 8lbs 😟.. I have tried all the diets lol and yes most have worked, short term.. So here's hoping il be dropping the pounds with this one soon x

Hi my name is sasha jezebel- i am a 64 year old pensioner and i have copd-need some advice on gaining weight-very fussy eater-i don't know if i am in the right community

Hi Everyone,

Just joined so really keen to get involved. I, like many of you, want to eat better. Sorry got a cat sitting on at the moment so hard to type!

J x

Hi.My name is Peristera , Dove in English

Hi all,

I suceeded to defeat type 2 diabetes. But now have been offered statins fo high cholestral! What can i eat now? Exasperated by having to think about everything i eat. Hope to find some guidance here.

Best wishes


Helloooo! My name is Lynn and I am on the final leg of a year long weight loss programme and I am now trying to count the calories as well as follow the Slimming World principles to get me there. I have stumbled across this site and it looks as if it could be just what I am looking for. I love trying new things and hope to be able to learn and share new recipes and ideas etc with others who are doing the same as me!

Hi Guys

Well, what can I say, I'm 51 menopausal and have an underactive thyroid as well :0( Need / want to lose at least 3 stone, so hoping the advice on here will help me.

Going for NHS healthcheck tomorrow which will be depressing especially dreading getting on the scales.

The support on here looks great, so here goes....

Hi I am new to this forum to. I hope I can get some tips on staying healthy and tasty recipes.

I need to start eating healthy food where do I begin ?

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I started with a slimming world recipe book, followed this for a month (dinners only) don't have the time to cook breakfast and lunch!! It introduced me to lots of fresh healthy ingredients and taught me how to cook all in one go and I lost weight!! Now my cookbook collection has taken over y chocolate and crisp cupboard - can't get enough!! Also pick up sainsbury magazine once a month, some amazing eats in those bad boys!! I love healthy food now!! 🌸

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Thanks for this helpful information I will look up the recipes 👍

Hi guys, joined this community for some inspiration.

I'm currently trying to lose weight, as a life style change not a diet. I converted to healthy eating January 2016 and so far have lost a stone in weight.

Seems although I've lost that weight my body just doesn't want to lose anymore...I cook everything I eat everyday!! It really isn't difficult, it doesn't have to take long or be complicated - in doing this I've actually come to realise that good fresh food truthfully tastes More remarkable than any fatty take away or burger you pulled out of the freezer.

I follow low fat, low calorie recipes and I eat things now I never imagined I would and it's so great I love it.

What I don't seem to understand is why after making such a huge lifestyle change have I seemed to have hit this damn brick wall with my weight? I'm not expecting any easy fix but has anyone any ideas (preferably from experience) I feel like I'm doing everything right...🌼

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I have started swimming and going on the bike at the Leisure Centre for 15 minutes to start with its working ! 2 weeks now

Hi, I'm Sophie, I am a recipe development technician for a leading kitchen appliance producer, I'm undertaking research into what 'health and wellness' actually means to people on a daily basis!

Hi Everyone,

Just joined as i am desperate to lose weight.

I gained a lot of weight due to a thyriod disorder that was undiagnosed for some time. Need some inpiration and help to keep committed as it can become very frustating and hard to lose the weight with this kind of thing.


Hi all, I am the prancing pony. I am 33 and overweight by 4 kgs. I was once the fittest in my school. I have been living in 3 different continents in last 5 years. My diet has gone awry, and that the reason I am gaining weight. My goal is to lose 10 kgs in 10 months.

It is great to be here.

Hope to find some new friends here.

hey i am stephen. my age is 33 years. i always take healthy diet .daily i do workout but still my weight is increasing day by day .what should i do?

Over weight high cholesterol and on-coming arthritis. Looking for anti-arthritis diet, med??some advice on getting moving again. I am 68 and live in Cheshire. Not on facebook and do not tweet. Can I still make use of the site and all of you?


hi my name is Lucy am 53 years old in November i would like to loose my belly weight i have gained 3 stone over past three years through stress and depression and high anxiety . i need a lot of help to loose 5 stone so i can feel and look better .

i feel so alone and i have tried so many diets but nothing is working. i suffer with low blood sugar and i faint and i have a lot of pain in my legs .walking s very uncomfortable and i have estless legs whilst sleeping.

Well hello there! My Name is Gino

I Found this board searching for a forum where i can ask for help in eating right and healthy and natural as oppose to my habits now. Basically, i'm dead set at 450lbs, and just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Fortunately, at the moment i do not have any pre-diabetes nor do i have pre-hypertension which i was close to a year ago and much closer to 500lbs. I'm married with 3 kids and I'm pretty much in need for all the help i can get. I'm not shy about much, and i believe in honesty in order to fix the real problems so hopefully i can find the right help here if not then at the very least some useful information.

Hi, I'm Judith. I was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack but I was told that it was probably Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy.

My diet was already fairly healthy but I'm trying to tweak it to have more carbs and less protein, particularly less red meat.

Hello - been doing a lot of research around weight loss surgery but really don't want to go down that route - I'm sure I can do this on my own with support.

I have between 5 - 7st to lose my BMI is 42 - it scares the hell out of me. I have chronic back & hip ache it's making life difficult & unhappy.

I've tried all sorts of diets - rubbish at them, exercise is difficult due to the back, hips & 2 rotator cuff operations. I feel like I'm making excuses but I'm not!!

Hopefully I can find some like minded peeps to start the long journey ahead!!

hi my names lou and im interested in healthy eating to lower my chelesrtrol

Hi everyone, my name is Phill and I am new to this, so please help a guy out, I recently posted, (Honey and Cinnamon benefits) as I have a hacking debilitating cough and I am curious to know if there is any real benefit to this remedy.

Hi everybody I am new to the community, my hobbies include, reading, knitting for charity and going on holiday, sadly not enough. I am interested in all aspects of health and diet and look forward to reading all the advice that people can pass on

Hi Everybody I am RealEyes who is new here in the last week :) My interests here are to learn more about how people manage to eat well - while living with anxiety or depression or other life challenges ... at this time i am battling low energy yet have no desire to improve my eating habits. Takes a lot of effort, for sure. So, if anyone has any ideas about how to get out of this kind of funk, please share with me ! :) and, thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts and ideas re **

good morning everyone there are so many different community sights it is hard to know where to start looking first and they all seem very similar the healthy eating seems harder thing for me as I get real hunger pangs and finding cooks snacks is a nightmare

Hi I'm new I have found out my cholesterol is 6.8 I'm trying to lose weight eat healthy and walk more no tablets prescribed I've just had blood test to see if I've reduced it .I'm waiting for the results.

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