Crunchy salmon salad

Crunchy salmon salad

I find when making my food look nice I enjoy it a whole lot more, this is sugar snap peas spring onion sweet corn and tender stem broccoli flash fried for a minute or 2 (coconut oil) so still crisp left to cool then mixed with rocket and some flaked salon I cooked because it needed using flavoured with soy sauce ginger and garlic n a cheapy balsamic glaze (£1:50 from Morrisons) to make it look jazzy and nice to dip also a filling healthy hearty good looking meal 👌


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2 Replies

  • Wow, this looks lovely Leggylei !!! :-) I really like your presentation of your meal, like you say, it can add to the enjoyment! :-) I love the combination of delicious ingredients. Healthy, hearty, and a good looking meal. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you zest hopefully I can stick to this healthy helps me mentally and physically so fingers crossed I keep this up 🤞

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