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Fatty liver

Hi everyone. I've recently been diagnosed with fatty liver, which I've got to say I'm very lucky that's all it is as I've had a very bad relationship with alcohol for 20 years. Now I've had the diagnosis I have been to the Dr's and and with the help of tablets I am on day 5 of abstinence. Now I'm on this track id like to start eating very healthily and giving my body the strongest chance to heal. I was also a year ago diagnosed with fibro myalgia which was incorrect and I've been treated for poly myalgia which now appears to be incorrect to!! I've weaned myself off my prednisolone but my legs and arms are incredibly achy. I'm having a neck spine and pelvis mri in April. I am overweight with high cholesterol which is being put down to the preds and liver. So I guess what I'm asking is what are the "buzz" foods that I can eat to make me feel.human again and fit in exexcise as walking from one side of the room to the other is nothing short of agony. Please, any help or suggestions would be greatly apprecited.

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Hi Sue. Well done for taking on board the warning and stopping the alcohol. Not an easy thing to do but it's the only thing to do isn't it ?

Any of the guidelines for a balance healthy diet will be right for you. You will lose weight from stopping the alcohol. Not just the calories in the drink but because of the way your body stores the energy from food when it's taken with alcohol. Alcohol cannot be stored so it's calories are used immediately and the anything you eat with it is stored as fat. Double whammy !

Good luck with your journey



Thanks Dee. X


Well done for leaving alcohol behind, its a very sneaky crutch! Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan - there should be everything you need to get you started - if your health issues and meds cause weight gain it might be worth asking whether your Dr can refer you to a nutritionist or dietician..

Good luck.

Kate :)

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Thanks Kate, I'll have a look at the NHS 12 week plan. 😄


Hi Kate, I had a look at the NHS12 plan last night and it focuses on healthy eating which is great but it's the exercise I'm really struggling with. No joke it hurts me to type this. It takes a good 3 minutes to get upstairs. I'm not trying to make excuses for not exercising, a couple of years ago I could manage 500 walking lunges with press ups dropped in every 60 seconds, so I have been extremely healthy. Now I struggle terribly and not knowing what the diagnoses is makes it very difficult to know what to do.Should I eat healthily and wait for the MRI results of my spine before embarking on any kind of fitness regime? My dr, who is amazing can't really answer so I'm looking to anyone for advice.


I would say definitely wait! Unless you can try exercises such as (off the top of my head) aquacise or armchair workouts etc and see how they feel. At the end of the day diet is the main factor in weight loss, exercise tones you up and releases endorphins - but if you're in pain they're going to be in short supply! Keep posting on here and have a look on the NHS weight loss forum too - everyone is really friendly and helpful - sorry I can't be more help x


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