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Drinking tea and coffee can help prevent liver disease. ☕️

Hi everyone,

On Foodunwrapped on CH4 last night they tested people who had been drinking alcohol to see if coffee really sobered anyone up and obviously it didn't but what interested me was the more tea and coffee we drink the more we reduce the risk of liver disease and by up to 80%

What to me is really sad is that liver disease is on the rise in the developed countries and this is fuelled by a poor diet containing artificial sugars too much fat and insufficient nutrition.

Now what is this about as we have access to foods from all over the world yet so many people are over fed and undernourished...

Here's an article about the benefits of tea and coffee for you fellow caffeine fiends like me...And I like chocolate with a large latte sometimes but I'm not undernourished or over weight. 🍫 😊


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Hi Hidden

What a gorgeous cup of coffee - I really like the cup and saucer too - beautiful. :-) I love coffee - and I am going to be posting a photo of one I had at lunch-time in a moment. I had already included it in my collage - as it's a favourite coffee that I like to have.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest, I thought that I'd answered this but that was about your frothy coffee...😊

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ZestStar in reply to

It was like a Coffee Convention! :-)

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That is a very snazzy cup and saucer Jerry. I love my tea and have no intention of giving it up, my only concern has been regarding the soya milk I put in the tea.

The problem is lots of people have lots of sugar in there tea and coffee and cream in some cases, not to mention those really bad flavoured syrups.

Its great that tea and coffee isn't as bad for us ☕

Hey thanks debs, I also love tea and like coffee. I also have reservations about using soy cream and ice cream but really like them.

And you're absolutely right about sugar but isn't that all part of whats gone wrong in that tea and coffee doesn't have to be sweetened....😊

Sounds like gadget man strikes again...so enjoy your coffee machine. 😊


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