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My first crop of gooseberries.

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Hi everyone,

This morning I picked these gooseberries from 2 small bushes in my garden.

I'm very pleased as I've wanted to grow gooseberries for a while as we had a gooseberry bush when I was a child so I have happy memories of picking some for a crumble. Which sounds a very nice option now.

I also have a large raspberry bush that has its first raspberries coming into fruit so I've something else to look forward to real soon.

Growing our own fruit and veg is unbeatable as its fresh and organic and its the most wholesome option as we are what we eat.

56 Replies
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Hi Hidden ,

Good morning!😀

The gooseberries look great. How long do they need before being ready to be picked? I never planted any before.😀👍

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Hi Leah this is the first time I’ve grown them so I guess it’s a season. 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

That’s good to know. So, if they get planted by end of the Spring season, then they will be ready for Summer?😀👍

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That is good.

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Hey thanks.😊

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That’s a good crop of gooseberries Jerry, we had gooseberry bushes when I was a child and I remember how sweet they were. If you can pick your own fruit and veg. and eat it soon after, it still contains most of the nutrients, unlike bought which often has a short use by date. Some of mine in today’s delivery has a use by date of the 12th. 🙂

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My friend just sent this sorry if not appropriate on a fruit post but it looks so nice it's for her daughter's birthday she made it herself 🤗I hope to bake again when my house sorted much healthier than shops I don't use much sugar and use cold pressed rapseed oil

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to

Lovely cake Mandy, your friend is a clever mum. 🙂👍

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Yes she showed makes curtains and covers furnicture I want to re cover a old chair for my bedroom I will get round to it there's 2 one was out a skip lol my sister's just here I just had to message my builder ask if he's still coming lol 🤦

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to

Enjoy your afternoon with your sister. Hope your builder turns up. 🙂🤞

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Sometimes miracles happen 😁🤦

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to


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There's mam's cucumber and tomatoes if you look close you see the cu and toms 😁

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They’re doing well, are they in your mums greenhouse ? 🙂

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No there on the yard and the raspberries in garden strawbs in a old gutter with net on now I've just seen gooseberry bush but it wasn't sweet 🤦

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Perhaps they’re not ripe yet, 🙂👍

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Strawberries grown in old gutter

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Catgirl1976 in reply to

That looks absolutely delicious!

Wow Jerry those do look good, after searching pattaya for rhubarb that I eventually found frozen but not yet used, j feel now I have to go searching for those lovely gooseberries that I love but not had what seems like forever..You will let as know what you will make with them..👍😁

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Hey thanks and you enjoy your Pattaya I also look forward to seeing what you make and I will share how I have these gooseberries. 👍

Good morning Jerry I had some of mam's raspberries I picked off her bush added to a trifle she made earlier with her strawberries too here's the bush your crumble sounds nice mam's making a meat pie tomorror not sure there's enough fruit for a crumble tho but there's brambles on the front that her nebours said we can pick not sure what's on it 😁

Raspberry bush

That’s great that you’ve some raspberries Mandy you enjoy them 😊

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This was the trifle 😁

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These look really good Jerry, it takes me back many years to when my mum had a row of bushes and it took ages to pick them all and then top and tail them. She also had blackberry, raspberry and loganberry bushes. Good memories.

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Thank you and that’s great especially as they bring back happy memories.

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Hello Jerry these Gooseberries look amazing it sort of looks like a watermelon or a grape that has no skin

in reply to Hb2003

Hello Hiba they have a taste of their own and can be quite sharp as they’re not common in the US here’s a link about

I bet that your mum would make an amazing gooseberry pie. 😊

in reply to Hb2003

Hi Hiba check out my friend chocolate cake higher up 🤗🧡sorry no triangula cheese on it tho I will make a special meal up for you with triangul cheese 😂

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They look lovely and the fact that it's from your own garden makes it more special to eat.

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Thank you Imaaan I’m looking forward to having them.

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Not had gooseberries for ages here!

Lovely Jerry, we had gooseberry bushes when we had the allotment. We have good crops of raspberries just now and picking strawberries by the hour. Fruit freshly picked tastes so much nicer. Loads of rhubarb this year. Cooked a mixture if gooseberries (given by a neighbour) and rhubarb last night. Will make a biscuit base put the fruit on and then top with honey sweetened Quark and a few raspberries. Healthy pudding!!

in reply to kitchengardener2

Hey thanks and you are so right about home-grown fruit and your rhubarb and gooseberries sounds delicious to me. And you enjoy your home grown strawberries. 😊 🍓

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They look so healthy Jerry, that really is delightful- I will keep a lookout for your crumble.

It definitely is better to grow your own, my Nan and Grandad always did and the veggies always tasted Divine and looked so full colour

Best wishes


in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Awe thanks Debs I'm very pleased especially as this is my Frits crop and I've a vegan treat planed for these gooseberries so as long as the smoke alarm doesn't go off it will be on VFL.

It's great to be reminded of happy memories ion home grown fruit and veg, so nice one.

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

Your first crop? Your a natural Jerry- thats so impressive.

Looking forward to seeing your creation Jerry

in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hey thanks Debs it’s already posted and the indulgent version will be on VFL. 😁

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I'm coming round for some Raspberries. Lol. Enjoy.

in reply to BJ2020

Hey thanks BJ2020 raspberries are my favourite fruit.

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BJ2020 in reply to

They are super healthy. I wish I had a tree. I'm wondering if you can buy one? Not really looked into growing my own

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Hi BJ2020 They are super tasting as well and I bought mine from my local garden centre where I also bought the gooseberry bushes and some apple and pear trees. If you do a google search you will find where you can buy them locally. 👍

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BJ2020 in reply to

Thanks 🙂

Those look lovely Jerry. A crumble sounds like a very fitting destination for them. Enjoy!

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Thank you Sue I’m looking forward to having them 👍

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Your gooseberries look lovely. Hope you enjoy them. I had gooseberries years ago when I went strawberry picking they had them there to pick. It was so long ago I can't even remember how they taste. I don't really see them selling in shops. Will have to look out for them.

in reply to Zara0123

Hey thanks Zara0123 I prefer them cooked but its great that they briong back notralgic memories. 😊

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Zara0123 in reply to

Would love to know how you used the gooseberries in cooking. Hope you share with us if you get a chance. It's great they bring back good memories 😊

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Lovely gooseberries, Hidden

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest 😊

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Oh wow they look great -I dont like the taste of them myself but they look great well done

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Hey thanks Sara😊

Sara_2611 profile image
Sara_2611 in reply to

no probs

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Your gooseberries look so fresh and wholesome, well done Jerry, also, gooseberries make a delectable jam, actually my favourite jam.

in reply to zube-UK

Mmmm gooseberry jam does sound good. 😊

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Those gooseberries look delectable! I bought a small plant last Spring and potted it up; it's winter here now and I don't know if I need to prune back the leggy branches. Gooseberries are rare here in South Australia so I'm hoping I get a few berries. Thankyou for sharing your photo. Happy eating!🙂

in reply to Kimmie4

Thanks Kimmi84 I hope that you gave a great crop and your bushes will grow so you have lots to look forward too. 😊

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