early March 2917 Greetings

I am new to this Healthy Eating group and online community - and glad to see posts about healthy eating as I think my choice in foods really does affect my day to day energy and outlook on life ! With all the changes going on with our foods - I do my best to eat as well as possible. Sure tough with current prices, etc. I have already noticed lots of good links to other sites about how to eat on a budget - Yes and thanks. :) Hope I can add to this group, too as I am currently in transition - from comfort foods to more nutritiousness. Growing food is good, too. Happy Spring and gardens to those who can grow them. RealEyes **


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  • Hi RealEyes,

    Welcome to the Healthy Eating community. Great to have you on board with us in the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy this community.

    Great to hear you're looking at eating nutritious healthy foods, and hope you have a great week.

    The search window (top right hand side, labelled 'Search Healthy Eating') is useful for looking at past threads on specific topics, and also there are Topics to look through as well.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest ... have a great week also. **

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