Any ideas about eating more healthy foods?

Currently I am really stuck in fixing food for myself on a daily basis. I manage to eat snack type foods yet not motivated at all to prepare decent meals. Maybe it is part of the depression i am feeling recently and I figure not eating healthy food contributes to continuing to feel bad - a vicious cycle, for sure ! Would be good to hear from anyone who has managed to get out of this negative cycle of uncaring of self and one's eating habits. Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts about this question. :) re**


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  • Hi RealEyes,

    I saw this article about ideas for eating healthy foods when you're not feeling so great moodwise, and I hope it might be helpful to you?

    Good luck,

    Zest :-)

  • THanks Zest I will check it out. :)

  • You can find a lot of information here:

    Including fact sheets on healthy eating and depression.

  • Big THanks kcb for sharing this website. Any info and ideas are most help full at this time. thx again :) **

  • Hi. It is a bad cycle isn't it, you feel depressed because your not eating the right foods, but your depression causes lack of motivation. I get stuck in this more times than I care to remember. Could you not cook in batches when your having a better day. Or even find recipes that are really quick and simple , that way your not stuck in the kitchen for hours cooking when you can't be bothered. I don't know if juicing is of any interest to you, but it's quick and easy. One glass a day will boost your energy levels. I juiced for 8 days exclusively a couple of weeks ago and felt great, I stopped because I felt ill( suffer from fibromyalgia) so didn't have the energy to continue after doing to much. Now I feel awful again so am going to start back tomorrow for sure.

  • I appreciate hearing from you jan810 :) and, good Reminders about juicing ! That definitely has helped me in the past and sometimes I just forget what has worked for me at other times. Hope you are back on track with your juicing routine ... pain has a way of sidetracking my healthy intentions! thanks for your thoughts 'jan' and keep at it! **

  • Thank you :), and good luck to you! If not you can always become a raw vegan, that way you will never have to cook ;) x

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