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List of healthy foods!

Hello mate,

Sorry for my silly question. This could be asked here many times. But I am totally new into this community. And would like to get your thought ideas. Please suggest me some healthy foods.

Thank you!

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Porridge oats berries pulses grains oily fish lean meat fish natural fat free yoghurt fruit veg


Not a silly question at all as we all have a slightly different view on what a 'healthy' food is and what you are trying to achieve. Think more healthy, balanced diet.

My objectives are to improve my health and to feel well and energetic but someone else will want to lose weight.

For it is balance. Every meal and snack you eat should contain some protein, fat & carbohydrates and the majority of your diet - over half - should consist of green, leafy and fibrous vegetables.

Avoid all processed foods and buying anything that has more than 5 ingredients. Remove ALL added sugar from your diet, look at sugar content in everything you buy. Remember than honey, fruit and sweeteners are all still sugars.

Don't deny yourself the occasional treat - whatever this might be - once a month or once a week.

If this means a radical change for you then start to adjust slowly by changing one or two things a week as your body will react to sudden and drastic changes.


Hi, as a start register for free with change4life over 300 recipes all healthy, balanced meals and budget friendly too. Good luck


Thanks for the direction. I will surely try there. If I found something interesting. I will share. lol


vegetables can be dressed with some oil to give them more interesting flavour and some omega

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Thank you so much. I will surely visit your link. Hope it would be helpful.

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