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Collection of healthy "bowls"

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I like "bowl" recipes - most are fairly simple and healthy . I found this collection - bowls are at the bottom of the page , but I do like the look of this Red beans and barley bowl .

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Thanks for that Bazza1234. If you have a beautiful bowl, these are so lovely all round... they do look huge portions mind you!

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Bazza1234 in reply to GoogleMe

I think that with these kind of "healthy" foods , you can't really overeat. For example red beans and barley - there is no way that you can overeat these - they are simply too filling in the stomach!! :) On the other hand , chocolate and cream biscuits!!!

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I am afraid you can overeat healthy food, my body has been a testament to that.

Some good ideas there,thanks for posting Bazza1234

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I like the look of these bowls :) I'm always keen to try different things. Thanks for posting!

i love your bowls x x x

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