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Why 'Healthy' foods are making us fat

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Hi everyone,

Here's another interesting article in the Daily Mail about UPF (Ultra Processed Foods) which are making us fat even though they're promoted as healthy options.

I find it very interesting how the intense flavours make these foods very moorish they are low in roughage so are easily eaten and apparently there's a hormone PYY that surpasses hunger by telling us we are full. When home cooking with unadulterated foods PYY tells us we are full naturally but PYY seems to be triggered much later with these Ultra processed foods, so we eat more and pile on the pounds...

What else I find interesting is many UPF foods that are claimed to be a healthy option are long life high profit and aggressively advertised products.

There's also a tutorial on making vegan ice cream in this article so please see:


To me this reinforces that we are what we eat.

Jerry 😊

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Hi Jerry

Thanks for sharing this article, it's interesting, and reminds me of some of the foods I used to over-eat, in the distant past now (thankfully).

Zest :-)

Hi Jerry

I've read it all, so interesting and I'm going to show my daughter as she has two little girls and they do eat packaged foods. Unfortunately my daughter has a very small freezer so can't freeze much but where there's a will there's a way!

Also, I read about emulsifiers somewhere else, within loads of packaged foods.

Thank you for sharing.


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JerryAdministrator in reply to

Hi Alicia, it's easy to be tempted by these foods as this article shows.

Emulsifiers are used to make mayo as they bind oil with water and are a great substitute for gluten in baking and their problem is they are very hydroscopic so they absorb a lot of moisture and they act like a laxative.

Here's a link and what I notice that E466 Carboxy methyl cellulose which extensively used in plant based foods as an egg replacer can trigger IBS and colitis! please see:


Bring back real food thats what I say. 😊

in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry, I've read the other article with interest and didn't realise that's what emulsifiers were and that they were natural as well. It was a Nutritionist I saw in July last year that said to me those that were overweight found it hard to stop eating and that emulsifiers had a lot to answer for. In other words, highly processed food which fortunately I do not eat and do not like.

I totally agree with you, bring back real food. When my children were little and when they were teenagers and still living at home they had a home cooked meal every single night but my problem was I used to make dessert as well, I was following what my mum used to do but the difference is when I was a child we moved a lot more than children of today. How many children do you see driven to school and back home again! Don't think I need to say any more there. ;)

Alicia :)

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Last week, I heard of an experiment carried out on mice that I think plays into what you're saying.

They took a group of mice and fed them unlimited fresh foods, and the mice ate as much as they wanted. They knew when they had had enough and they stopped.

They then gave the same mice some ultra-processed foods to see how they got on. I imagine they ate more than they did of the fresh stuff, but that wasn't the point of the story, so I don't think it was mentioned.

The main point of the experiment was that they then took away all the ultra-processed foods and gave the mice back their fresh foods, but the mice didn't eat a morsel. In fact the mice chose to eat nothing, rather than go back to the un-processed fresh food they had enjoyed not long before.

When you add it all together, there is something very wrong about ultra-processed foods really.

in reply to Cooper27

I think they're worse than the junk foods themselves and its a con when they are marketed as supposedly healthy!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Cooper27

I agree very wrong.

The heavily marketed so called healthy foods say with weight watchers name on them are just junk food in disguise and are a con in my view!

The slimming world ones aren't too bad but it's weight watchers ones I don't like not their slimming clubs and their approach after I was told off one week years ago for only losing half a pound and any loss is better than nothing so I got myself a better club!

I used to buy veggie meat, so I stop after my husband told me they are bad as the other one

So I am making at home from scratch. Resolve! I usually eat one or two, bc I got full fast with them

Never eat anything with ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t have recognized!

Sadly not a useful general principle. Being Scottish gran, mine fried everything in lard; would not have recognised an aubergine, chick pea or allowed garlic in the house; only ever bought olive oil from the chemist for treating earache. And wouldn’t have known healthy eating if it had stood up and bit her on the nose.

And I’m sure these addictive mechanisms/chemicals is the reason why so many people get addicted to your coffee and coffee shops. There must be something in the coffee process that triggers something in the brain’s chemistry that makes addiction so difficult to break; hence why these joints see so many people visiting and consuming coffee.

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