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I'm a newbie I did the weigh yesterday! It wasn't pretty - my scales are dodgy but I settled on 16st 10 unbelievable!! I'm 5ft 4" with a BMI of 42. I'm greedy I'm married to a man who is 6ft 3" & I weigh more than him (a fact I keep well hidden!) I insist on having the same portion sizes has him I used to go mad if I felt I was being short changed - I'm getting better at that! We are married 24yrs, this September will be our 25th it would be nice not to be almost twice the woman he married (that's a bit of an exaggeration but not much lol)! I'm struggling with a bad back, rickety hips & a dodgy right knee - I struggle to walk too far let a lone exercise so I'm really hoping to get a bit of weight off so I can start doing some of that! It creeps up on you all this doesn't it?!

I've really been watching my calories & using the FatSecret App to log them - my problem is around 3.30 I crave sugar & would trample your granny to get a 'fix' of cake, sweets or whatever other bad thing that is on constant offer in my office - why do people bring in cakes for birthdays? I just don't get it & of course it's the mainly overweight ones that scoff it!!! I'm amazed at some (skinny as rakes) people's will-power!

Anyhow that's me!! I hope I haven't bore you I suppose my goal is 2Ib a week (how many weeks to September?) I'm doing dry January & looking for other buddies that have 'mountains' to climb I promise not to become stalkish like Aussiegirls weigh buddy BTW I would just lie!!!

This for reading!!!!

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Hi - I too am fairly newish to this site. I joined at the end of December but didn't do the weigh in until last thursday when I joined slimming world. I am about 4.5 stone overweight for my height and would like to think I can lose that by this time next year. I'd be happy to buddy up with you on your weight lose journey.

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