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Stuck in a rut! Help...plz

Hi all. I am at my heaviest. Ive changed jobs so im now office based. Ive tried ever diet in the book. I just cant stick to anything which is now preventing me from trying anything else because my will power is so rubbish i know i.will quit and then feel rubbish because i let myself down so my safety net is to not trt anything so i dont fail at it. It is a nasty cycle i know. Any info would be awesome. Thanx all.

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How about making one change, like eating anything you like provided it came from something living recently, and has been minimally processed?

You can fine tune later, like only having one or two portions of fruit per day, to stop feeding a sugar addiction.



Livelowcarbman on Instagram has good ideas about how to loose weight.

Good luck ☀️


I tried to find that dude but theres nobody by that name on there 😕


Sorry, my mistake -livinlowcarbman and his name is Jimmi Moore.


Small changes are good to help keep to a reasonable amount of calories. As you have been on many diets I expect you know how to make healthy choices in general - like brown bread for white, stevia to sweeten instead of sugar. When having your meals if you usually have three spoonsful of something try having two instead.

I suggest you read 'The Need to Know Guide to Nutrition and Healthy Eating' by Tim Shaw

If you go on a strict diet you will get fed up with it and probably mess up your metabolism in the process. Make small changes that you will hardly notice. The key is to slowly change your eating habits to more healthy ones. Allow yourself small treats so you don't feel deprived.

Exercise is important too. Find something that you enjoy doing it does not have to be 2 hours in the gym. Walking more, how about taking up a sport you enjoy? Shopping - you would be surprised how far you can walk bargain hunting in the High St.

Good Luck


Already mentioned are small changes to your diet, like swap red meats for chicken or add more veggies to a dish to get some extra nutrients. If you have an office job you'll probably be at your desk for most of the day, which is not great for your health as you will be sedentary and are likely to snack. Try standing up and walking around every hour, maybe get an app to help you remember. Try bringing lunches and healthy snacks from home so you're not tempted to get something quick at work. If you smoke, try to quit, cut down, or switch to vaping (not endorsed by the NHS yet but research suggests it may help to give up).

You can listen to these tips but the main thing is that you do them, I think that you need to change your attitude to your weight loss. I don't know much about your health risks, but there are some serious health complications to being overweight. Do you have a family or children? Consider if they were overweight and had health risks too, I'm sure you would want to work hard to reduce the risk and keep them healthy. So you must do the same for yourself! You have to find something that will motivate you to lose weight; family, health, or just to say 'I did it!'

If you mess up once in a while and treat yourself, it's no big deal. Just remember to get back on the horse, and that you can do it.

You might not see results straight away, but even just an hour of exercise a week, an extra vegetable, or cutting out the bedtime snack will make a difference to your overall health. And it is possible!

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Hello mightycee79. I was in the same position as you. I just turned 43, I was the heaviest I've ever been, stuck in an office and eating crap for lunch (and most other meals).

I was told about 'the fast diet' where you pretty much eat what you want for 5 days of the week (within reason), then 'fast' for two. A fasting day limits you to around 600 calories so you're not starving yourself. You can choose the days you fast so they fit in with your life. I found it really easy to follow and have lost a stone so far, in a few weeks. I have stopped going out for food, instead I make and bring soup for lunch. I find it's far easier knowing what you are eating that day than making the decision at meal time because then I slip into my old ways. I daresay it doesn't work for everybody, just giving you my experience of it....

Good luck in whatever you do.

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Hi mightycee your situation sounds like mine. One of the best things that I did is to do my bmi check on the NHS website. That was a huge wake up call and here I am 9 lbs lighter and ready to go for another 12 weeks. I've had to accept that my weight loss is dripping off slowly but I have learned to think so much about how I eat, writing everything down but also how much better I feel. So good luck and give this a real chance - if I can do it, so can you 😀


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