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Late night snacks and better sleep


A few people recently have said they have problems with late night snacking. Here are some interesting points in this article to induce a good sleep. Some are certainly worth a try.

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Hi Elliebath,

That's an interesting article, thanks for sharing it. I enjoy nuts as a snack, and glad to hear that walnuts are good for ensuring a better night's sleep.

Although I have to say, I've not really had difficulty sleeping lately - but it's good to know there are some things that can help, and they might be worth a try for those who are struggling to sleep. I've heard of warm milk helping - didn't know about the tart cherries - not sure I'd like that taste in the evening though!

Lowcal :-)

in reply to Zest

Nor would I, Zest but interesting to see that my grandmothers' habit of hot milk has some foundation 😊

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