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Late night munchies


Any advice I need a plan to stop the eve picking ideas anyone? Thank x

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Hello Helenbrc this is a great question as many people have the munchies and indulge in them.First I'd replace sweets and biscuits with grapes and dried fruit as these are much lower calorie and healthier. I know fruit contains fructose but it also contains vitamins and minerals in quantity which sugar most certainly doest not.

I buy a bag of grapes for long journeys as well.

Good luck and do let us know hope you get on. 😊

PurpleAlf in reply to Jerry

Frozen grapes are even better. They take longer to munch through and freezing them sweetens them up even more.

mock_turtle in reply to Jerry

I would advise strongly against dry fruits and grapes before bed. For most of us, overnight is the only when our blood sugar and insulin can naturally drop. Continually raised insulin prevents fat burning, and will lead to insulin resistance and eventual diabetes. Also, raised blood sugar leads to a crash later, and waking up at 3am hungry. Grapes and dried fruit are full of sugar.

Cheese would be a much better snack.

I try to eat my biggest meal in the evening, and I make it as big as I can eat with piles of veg, so I feel really full! Then I know it's not "real" hunger later - and a hot drink with a little milk will keep me happy.

I eat nuts and a banana in the evening between 8-9pm and it does the job.


It would be helpful if you could try to pinpoint why you tend to binge in the evenings.

Are you hungry?

Are you bored?

Is it just habit?

If you're hungry, you need to eat more earlier in the day. If you're bored or it's become a habit, then you need to find a distraction. I found it helpful to follow an intermittent fasting pattern. I would stop eating at 8pm and wouldn't eat until 10am the following day (unless I was genuinely hungry).

I mainly make sure I don't buy the sort of things I might be tempted to munchie on at night, I used to eat bags of sweets at night but have largely given them up. Couldn't have the temptation in the house though :)

If I really fancy a snack I might eat a bowl of frozen cherries or a chopped up pink grapefruit both of which seems to give me a nice sweet and sour hit (replacing my old friends fizzy Haribos :) )

If anything really works for you please share. I’m a binge evening eater too. I know someone who brushes her teeth after dinner to stop the munchies. Good luck.

Helenbrc in reply to Peace2

Thank you for reply I’m trying to learn to crochet to see if that occupies my mind! I will let you know

Peace2 in reply to Helenbrc

I have knit dozens of washcloths and keeping hands busy does help until your fingers get sore lol.

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I'm currently on a weight loss journey and im doing calorie deficit, i leave some calories for my snacks in the evening, for example tonight I have a pack of skips, some tomatoes, 4 low calorie crackers 4 Slices of ham and some fat free yoghurt, i never eat later than 8pm, everything is all within my calorie allowance so I don't have to feel bad about it xx

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