Healthy snacks for work

Healthy snacks for work

I would like to share a tip with you on healthy snacks

As you can see from a picture, I cut different kinds of vegetables beforehand and store them in airtight plastic containers. You can get 6 for a £1 in Wilko

Vegetables keeps fresh for 2-3 days that way.

All what you have to do when getting ready for work is to take few of each and mix them up in another container, which you will take to work and eat instead of chocolate bars from wending machine

Celery is salty and good for the bones. Peppers, carrots and sugardrops (peas) are sweet. Carrots are good for eyes, peppers peas are full of antioxidants, thus helping to fight cancer, plus they have anti-inflammatory nutrients. Cucumber has lot of water and is good for skin. Radishes are helping with urinary problems. These are but a few examples of health benefits brought by this simple change of eating habits.

Try it once, and I do believe that you will be surprised how tasty these healthy snacks are.


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4 Replies

  • They look very nice, so colourful. Thanks for the information about each vegetable. yes i will give this a go too. thanks for posting this. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thanks for the tips. I usually 'chop as I go' - i.e. keep peppers whole and other veggies too, and just cut the amount I need at the time. I tend to avoid buying bags of ready chopped vegetables for the same reason - i.e. that I prefer them chopped as 'freshly' as I can, as I think it tastes better. Just a personal preference I guess.

    Those veggies look so colourful - I really love vegetables.

  • Yes Dottie. You are absolutely right . We need the fat as well,actually it should account for approx. 30% of calories intake. And your link regarding full fat is 100% right. I never buy low fat cheese and I do use butter on my wholegrain, no yeast added, rye bread.

    Our ancestors had much healthier diet then we have today. And all the hype about low fat and vegetable spreads is now proven wrong. You can see it on butter and spreads. And also on diet coke - which increases chances of stroke 3 times. As I say - youse real food, not artificially processed.

  • sorry for typos :-) I don't know how to edit them.

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