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I've got early on set of Piles, painful when passing stools with light red blood left on paper, I'm 66 and it's not a surprise for my dear dad suffered with them when he was at my age, they say Creams can help, possibly taking Laxatives, drinking plenty of fluids helping to soften stools, and it's suggested eat plenty of foods full of Fibre, can someone recommend to me which is best foods for FIBRE?

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HI Roy0123,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. This is a page from NHS Choices about increasing fibre in your diet, which you may find helpful - as I see you've asked for some recommendations on how to increase your fibre intake:


Apologies if you already have this information about Haemorrhoids, but I'm attaching a link here incase you would like to have a look:


Lowcal :-)

High fibre foods include dried fruits (eat chopped in your morning porridge) such as prunes, apricots, figs etc.

Baked beans, chick peas, broad beans, and peas. Fruit, including the peel and the pithy bits of tangerines etc.

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, eat as a snack mixed with cranberries and raisins.

Wholewheat, brown or seeded bread rather than white bread.

Plenty of vegetables; shredded cabbage (cook for 8 mins with slices of leeks or apple cubed), green beans, runner beans, celery etc.

Drink plenty of water, fruit tea, ordinary tea, fruit juice.....but watch the coffee as that can make you dehydrated as it makes you pee more!

It is well worth increasing your fibre; helps weight control and helps to prevent nasty things like bowel cancer too.

Fruit and vegetables, by miles.

I had dreadful problem with constipation, my surgeon recommends Bran buds for everyone, and water , twice a day , it helps you lose weight as well

and once in a few days milk of mag esp for piles!!

Good Luck


Have you tried eating more salads, roy0123? Salad and depending on what you add to it will have lots of fiber.

I would include prunes and psyllium husk and plenty of fluids. Hope you'll feel better soon.

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