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Hi and thank you

Hi and thank you

Hi and thank you for letting me join this site.

I want to improve my health and lose 5 stone.

I have gained 3. Stone over the last three years through stress etc .

I don't have a circle of friends to join gym etc I've tried on my own but I have lot trouble with my legs they pull and throb all time even when I sleep . I want to change this life style.

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Hi Lucylou,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. It's great that you'd like to improve your health and lose 5 stone.

There are lots of great resources on the NHS Choices website, so do have a look through. You might also like to look at the NHS weight loss forum too.

Wishing you success with your goals.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Lucy i have anxiety and have gained a stone and a half over this last year,i dont go to any gym and it is harder to motivate yourself ,but only recently i have started walking in the house ,i think they call it walking in place,i feel more at ease at home,i managed 2000 steps yesterday,i have hip and joint pain so i cannot jog,and sometimes i ache after doing any exercise,but i know myself that any exercise combined with smaller portions on the plate is got to be better than what i was doing before,i buried my head in the sand and was eating more calories than i needed,and too much chocolate,just start with small changes,something that feels right for you,and i dont beat myself up if i know i have been too lazy one day and ate the wrong thing,i just start again the next day,im sure you will find some helpful tips on here and good luck.


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