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Last chance saloon!

Hello everyone - I am new here. Have been dieting for years, with varying degrees of success. My weight yo-yos, with a general upward trend and I am determined not to give in to middle aged spread without one last chance at shifting it! I am 45 so too young to give up and let myself go completely. Any tips on the calorie counting and weighing/measuring? I am feeling a bit daunted.

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Hi CypLem,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I would suggest having a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as it has lots of suggestions and tips and a great structure too - the NHS weight loss community has got quite a few things going on regarding a weekly weigh-in group, and various Challenges that you might like to look at, but you'd have to pop over to that forum, if you wanted to check those out.

Within this forum (healthy eating), there are many topics when you can read different threads e.g. dieting experiences, healthy recipes etc, or you can search for threads on relevant subjects using the 'search healthy eating' box (top right), so hopefully you'll find something to help you, and I"m sure others will pop by with some suggestions also.

Wishing you a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hello CypLem 😊

Just want to say hello and welcome, and try to reassure you about calorie counting 😊 It takes a bit of getting used to but with a set of kitchen scales and a little time you will soon get into the swing of it 😊 Being calorie conscious is the best knowledge you can have on your weight loss journey 😊 Especially when you realise how hard you have to work to burn off excess calories, it makes you really think twice about that piece of cake!!!😊 Lol

Good luck 😊

I recommend the weight loss forum for moral support 😊


Hi Cyplem, look at your life style hand in hand with your food intake. Exercise is important. I am 74 and have never had to diet but now find with reduced activity I need to be more sensible food wise. I was always determined not to get that bulge that comes just below your boobs and down to the stomach!!! I am just about succeeding! Holding on grimly! I do not stick to a rigid diet but try to cut out the weight gaining food, biscuits, cake etc and I find I can loose 1lb a week without denying myself too much. Slowly is better than quickly. I make my own soup for my lunch usually out of different veg and thicken it with potato. Porridge oats (the old kind) for breakfast with something like blueberries or any fruit thrown in. These thicker foods take longer to leave your stomach. I think that is correct. I can happily go to lunch time without snacking as you donot feel hungry. I think our emotions come into play too. My downfall is the evening. That is when I want the weight gaining foods,choc etc. I was given a tip from someone here. Make barley water and a small glass after your meal takes away the desire for sweet things. I have yet to try it!! got to get some barley.Lots of luck and don't beat yourself up if you slip up now and again. 2well-ington


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