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What is ideal for LCHF breakfast!!!

Hey all -- I am new here. I am trying to go totally lchf for quite some time but I am struggling with the breakfast. Meals at the later part of the day are fine but I am not able to replace milk and oats in the morning. I eat eggs along with that. Boiled or fried in coconut oil. I tried sprouts but it's hard for me to have it everyday. I need some options for the breakfast which will be as filling as milk and oats.

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Hi Soumyadeb there is a low carb high fat forum on HU - prob worth going on there for advice.

Kate :)


Hm, how about a berry smoothie? Berries are low-carb-high-fiber. Black berries, raspberries and strawberries are a few.


Oat & cottage cheese pancakes:

2 organic eggs, 2-3 large spoons of oats, & half a pot of cottage cheese.

Whisk eggs, add cheese then mix in the oats. Sometimes I leave to soak for a while so the oats absorb the cottage cheese whey. Cook using rice bran or coconut oil on a lower heat than usual pancakes, as they're thick by comparison. If you need more protein & fat, add some cheese once cooked.

I sometimes use over fermented kefir instead of cottage cheese. I've also made this with buckwheat flour instead of oats for another gluten free version. Buckwheat's not a grain, but can be used in the same way.


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