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Food for osteoarthritis

Hi all, I have had back /neck problems for 20 years. In the early days I had x ray on lumbar region and my osteopath told me it was osteoarthritis. Anyway on and off through the years I still have osteopathy for the odd twinge to prevent things getting worse. However this time my back just went after getting my washing in .

My finger joints are showing signs of arthritis to. The mornings are awful at moment,even after my visit to osteopath, I am sure it will pass though.

What I am wondering is if there is a recommendation for eating or avoiding any foods for bone /joint health and if anyone recommends the use of magnetic therapy, I hear animals respond well to this? ? Thank you

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Avoid the accumulation of uric acid - not too much fructose, not too much alcohol (fermented sugar), and not too much protein.


For your hands, try some Yoga anti-rheumatic or arthritic exercises. You should find them on youtube as these just gently exercise the finger joints, wrists and muscles.

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Great thanks I'll check it out.


I just got an email from my brother. I had told him I was going to try going gluten free to control the inflammation that 's bothering my joints now. I too have had back/neck issues for over 10 years, and thought any diet changes would be worth a shot. (According to Grain Brain and Wheat Belly, gluten triggers inflammation and they have had loads of patients who have found relief from arthritis by going gluten free.)

Back to my brother- he told me he has been using capsaicin cream and supplements. It's worked for him to control pain and inflammation, so I plan to give that a try too. He gave a warning though- use a little tissue or something to apply the cream so you won't accidentally rub an eye after applying. Cayenne pepper is the active ingredient. He learned the hard way. And you have to take the supplements with food or you will get a bit of a surprise when the capsules dissolve in your stomach! Pity they can't take the heat out of the pepper first, but that is probably what actually works.


By the way, I know exactly what you mean by "my back just went." Mine did too. One day it was seemingly fine, next day it was over, and I've dealt with it ever since.


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