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I need to lose weight fast

Hi I'm new on here just checked my BMI and it said I I'm obese I weigh 16 1/2 stone I no I I'm fat so I want to lose it as quick as I got it as anyone got any advice for me to lose weight quick I've been to the gym but my weight were going all over the place as I have got IBS as well tried slimming world to same there to please please help me

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I'm 44 and I have PCOS which means that I'm prone to gain weight. This coupled with the fact that I'm a type o blood type means that a low carb diet is especially good for me(do you know yours?). Prior to finding out that I had PCOS I tried all kids of diets. Even restricting myself to 1200 calories per day could not help me lose weight. Another mistake I made was not eating enough, often enough. Now I dont look at calories but try to get in 130g of protein per day, low carbohydrate. On the days I work out I have more carbs. I dropped a stone in 4 weeks initially and have kept it off. It would have been more in weight but I was weight training. So though I only lost a stone I went down 2 dress sizes. As I understand it you are to avoid, brocoli, cauliflower, sprouts, beans, lentils, butter and various other foods. I can send you an example of what I eat and you try it out for a couple of weeks. if you like? See how it goes.


Read about high fat low cal diet,and intervel training load of information for free on youtube,worked for me.Also found Joe Wicks,lean in fifteen books very good,or again put him into utube. Good luck


Good morning Lisahouston1984

Unfortunately there is no quick fix 😕 But the good news is small changes can and will make a difference 😊

First things first, find an eating plan that suits YOU and your IBS, you will hopefully know your triggers but I definitely need high soluble fibre, oats/whole grain carbs, plenty fruit and veg. (Please be careful, the LCHF 'Atkins' type diet made me really ill) If you can get a good system of digestive transit and reduce the bloating this will make you look and feel at least one dress size smaller.

Secondly, if you aim to lose 2lbs a week, within a month you will feel a real difference, trust me 😊 Losing just 5% of our body weight has long lasting health benefits 😊 Weight loss any faster than this is water or muscle, fat simply does not go any faster, and these "pounds" will just bounce back on like magic (black magic 😡)

Thirdly, have a look at the weight loss forum here on HU 😊 It's a fab group with lots of experience and friendly support 😊

Good luck 😊


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