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Hello all

As I’m having some health issues doctor suggested me to include spinach in my regular diet and I opted spinach powder. Just ordered spinach powder from Horton Spice Mills but have no idea on what to do with it. I love spinach but I don’t know any recipes with spinach powder. Can you please suggest any recipes. All suggestions are appreciated. Please help me…

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  • I've never heard of it, but try adding it to soups or sauces?

    Wouldn't a fresh spinach salad, with your meals, be better?

    If it's iron you need, include tomatoes, or some other fruit for vitamin C, as we need this to absorb iron.

  • How about adding it to dishes such as a cottage pie or a stir fry or spagbol ?

  • when making an omelette could you add some of the powder into the eggs and some mushrooms x

  • Spinach omelette is lovely, just whizz it up with egg yolk, fold into whisked egg whites, Cook slowly and add grated Parmesan 😊😊😊

  • Ps remember you need vitamin c to absorb iron so an orange a day is helpful 😊

  • Was this an NHS doctor? Fascinated by such a holistic approach. ... of course if you have a 'proper' ie a serious iron deficiency; you would need supplements. (Been there, its horrid). Anyway, hope you feel better soon. Use the powder anyhow; check what is upper daily limit.

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