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Healthy Dates brownies "DROWNIES"- Thank me later

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For all the dark chocolate lovers.... This is an amazing recipe for dark chocolate vegan and no-bake brownies... They are SOOO good and So healthy!

Ingredients for 4 small brownies:

4 dates 100 kl

1+1/2 walnuts 60 Kl

2 tbs cocoa powder 25 kl (+extra cocoa)

1 teasp water


Put all in a mixer and mix until uniform. Place a tiny layer of cocoa powder on a baking sheet and then put mix on top with a spoon (consistence is quite dense) and spread it into a big square. Cover this with a thin layer of cocoa powder. In fridge for 2 hours, then cut in 4... Amazing brownies!!!

Kl tot= 185/4= 47 kl per Drownie!

Let me know if any of you tried it, I highly reccomend it!!!

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Hi Laura4fit

Your Dark Chocolate Vegan and No-Bake Brownies sound tasty - and thank you for sharing your recipe. Have you taken a photo? It would be lovely to see them.

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum, and I hope you're enjoying your week so far.

Zest :-)

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Laura4fit in reply to Zest

No pics but you got my word I got addicted to these 😙

what are kl?

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in reply to Laura4fit

O i see, why KL?

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Laura4fit in reply to

For who's keeping track 🐻

These sound good. I might give them a go as they are not very time consuming to make.....So is it 1 1/2 walnuts? Thank you 🙂

Yes!, And share the results🐻

Thank you! Ok will do 🙂

I’ve made them and made a new post so I could put a photo up 😋👍🌱

sound yummy, and a good way to encourage me to eat walnut, as they are not my favourite, but are good for you.

How big is the finished brownie, the quantities seem small?

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Laura4fit in reply to sunny369

This is just for 4 small brownies, just multiply the quantities to make more 😋

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sunny369 in reply to Laura4fit

just as well - if I made more I would probably eat them all!

Coincidence, thanks... just tonight I was looking at vegan desert recipes. My son in law is Vegan. Was looking for a desert for him at Christmas, he's the only Vegan in the family, want him to enjoy a treat also🎄

Oh, forgot to ask?; What does ki mean? Thanks

Calories, for those keeping track!

One more thing? What about the dates? Do I chop them? Looks like a easy recipe.

Cut the dates in half or even in fours before putting them in the processor.

Sorry, couple more things? Want to make sure I get the recipe right 🙃. Sweetin or unsweetened cocoa powder? And how much extra cocoa powder? Thanks

cocoa powder, as you wish, I used unsweetened as I love dark chocolate, but you can use sweetened to get an effect more like milk chocolate. The extra cocoa powder is to be used on top, after you spread the paste, so that it is not too sticky and you can grab it with our hands. I would say around a teaspoon.

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