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The biggest part of the plan for me is planning.

If I dont plan... I have what I fancy as I can't be bothered to "cook".

For the last 10 days I have planned successfully 3 meals a day and not wasted any food yet. Everything we have had has been healthy but beautiful and better tasting than takeaway (cheaper and taking less time to be ready too). So it's all good!

Today when I got home from work I threw together a salad in a large bowl... enough for 3 people, we (me and the hubby) had jackets with our salad and the left over salad has gone in my lunch box with some chicken for tomorrow's lunch.

I have also marinated some lean diced steak, and made some kebab skewers with some salad peppers and put them in the fridge ready for tomorrow evening,I just need to cook some rice and veg when i get home. Planning 0, Wendy 1 :-)

Happy planning everyone!!!

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Great planning, I am going to give this a go, thank you for sharing


I totally agree with you planning is the key I keep check on mfp app and up to date day 8 I am still enjoying the diet oops I mean healthy eating


The skewers were scrummy!!! Very happy bunny. And so much nice than shop bought processed rubbish.

Left over rice added to some salad and chicken for tomorrow's lunch with a spot of sweet chilli sauce for flavour.

Think I'm getting a bit of a routine going :-)


I'm the same if I don't plan I think ow I will just have take out the next 3 days meals are planned and prepped I take chicken stir fry for lunch at work and tonight it's chicken salad .


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