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BMI for women different from men?

Honestly I've never paid too much attention to BMI (more focused on the number on the scale) but I'm trying to take a more holistic approach to my health by getting a bigger picture, and now I'm reading that BMI for women differs from men ( What do you think about BMI? Is it a good indicator of health?

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I suppose like all things there has to be guidelines, but having been overweight all my adult life (and late childhood) getting below a BMI of 25 seems extremely difficult 😕 I am currently hovering around 29 and hoping to get down a little further but am looking at the bigger picture, quality of food, exercise etc. Also, my waist has always been large, when I was in my early twenties I got down to around 8 stone (by virtually starving myself) and a size 10-12 but still had a waist of 29".

As an adult I am taking responsibility for my health, eating properly, enjoying the process of being healthier and fitter but refuse to stress about these "numbers" 😊


I dont think BMI is a good indicator of health, take for example a bodybuilder, because of the extra muscle this person carries it can mean that for his height/weight he would be classed as obese. BMI was produced years ago for life insurance companies who could look at charts of height/weight and base the chance of the person dying early


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