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BMI calculator and new BMI poll. ❤️

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Hi everyone,

Many people are weight conscious or have negative feelings about their weight and the interest in healthy eating is high at the moment, so to reassure those that they are not alone and to encourage those who are within the recommended guidelines to stay on track. This poll is meant positively as its anonymous who ticks which box and if others realise that they are not alone they may not feel so isolated and it might inspire them. Lets be honest we as a society are all in the same boat...And I think we should encourage one another.

The recommended BMI range is 18.5 to 25 and we just have 25+

Please feel free to post your BMI on the new poll on here.

Thank you.

Jerry 😊

BMI calculator:

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I feel the extra weight and find it harder to move with it. It’s harder to fit into clothes, harder to get up and go, but, I know I feel so much better at a lower weight.

I don’t have a scale in my house and don’t obsess, but it’s hard to get the extra pounds off.

I have fibromyalgia and work hard at a good diet with supplements but definitely find it all too easy to eat sweet carbs...desserts.

It’s a constant battle between the desire to feel lighter and easier in my movement and the desire for a treat!


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Hi Kathrynirene, thanks for being so open and honest and you hit the nail on the head that it can be a constant battle and being aware of this is the first step in my opinion.

And its even harder when we have physical restrictions and as for wanting treats... welcome to the human race...😊

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Its difficult but so worthwhile. Hang on in there! Even tiny gains are gains and all add up in the end. 😊

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My BMI is far too high at 27.8. I need to lose 2.5 stone & am pleased to have lost 2lbs this week. I would like to get my BMI down to 22, but will take this slowly. I use weight loss forum & find it really helpful. 🙂

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Hi QueenTea, thank you too for being open and honest about your weight and your weight goal. You can do it and are in good company on here and the weightloss forum.

2lb in one week is also 2lb less to lose and then its 4lbs then its 8lbs and then you start to realise that you can achieve your goal and feel fitter for it so keep it up as taking the first step is the hardest...😊

This group may interest you too:

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Thanks Jerry - I find it quite liberating to be honest about my weight as it helps me to stay focussed. Thanks for the link, but I’m already on that forum - finished C25K last week! I did my first post grad run today - not great but st least I was out there trying! I’m working on improving what & when I eat, but calorie counting doesn’t work for me. Thanks🙂

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26.9 and couldn't care less. I'm probably looking to cut another 4kg at the moment, but am sitting around 12/13 percent bodyfat at the moment which is reasonably lean, and once I have lost the 4kg I will a.) still be over 'healthy BMI' sub 10 percent body fat, and b.) will be working to put that weight back on again in lean mass.

BMI really only makes any sene if you are of median height, build etc. If you are tall or short or muscular, it goes out of the window.

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Hey Rignold good for you as you've made choices that must be hard but boy are you reaping the benefits.

And there are professional athletes in the same position as you so you don't have to worry about BMI. 😊

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BMI is probably a good measure for the majority of the population. As with all measures, you need to look at italong with other factors. Those who are more informed do not need BMI.

It appears (my subjective opionion) that those who are overweight seem to be surprised that their BMI classifies them as obese. Some people need a figure to shock them into reality to take control of their situation.

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