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A bit about me. Aged 59, female, trying to run my business from home, live alone, no family around so find it hard to cope emotionally when unwell - it also doesnt help when you are unwell and spending too much time alone and feeling too ill to go out.

Had no real health problems until a few years ago kept getting nose and ear infections. Doctor kept just giving me antibiotics and steroids and it would clear up but then return soon after. I studied and researched and said I thought it was because of an underactive thyroid. He didnt agree. I insisted on a blood test that proved me right. Been on thyroid medication for just over a year. Get good phases and bad phases. Struggling emotionally with it. To help myself I researched what I could do to help myself diet wise. I also wanted to try to avoid dementia as my grandmother and mother got it - though I think that was due to their lifestyle.

Am now making my own distilled water, eating different, far more fibre, less processed and refined, more vegetables. Never smoke or drink and never did. Would be good to discuss it with others who take responsibility for their health.

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Hi decembersignup 👋🏻 I enjoyed reading your post, I too am tackling my illness (Hashimotos) through diet! The first thing that jumps out at me here is your mention of continual use of antibiotics! I too used to get constant sinus infections and migraines, I now know that in my case these were down to food intolerances as I no longer suffer with these since I cut out gluten. Anyway, you probably already know this but over use of antibiotics can cause an imbalance of of gut flora. Have you been tested for any gut issues? Candida, SIBO, H Pylori?

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Unfortunately we still need to take thyroxine or an equivalent no matter how good our diet is. We must also meditate and relax mentally and exercise physically. Too many people get ill because of not taking care of themselves and then want the doctor to give them some magic pill rather than prevent illness or do something to help themselves get better. i.e. I know a guy who is always eating sweats and pastries - is extremely overweight - will not exercise - and then groans and moans about his diabetes 2 and how ill he feels. Have a lot of sympathy and admiration for people who help themselves but not much time for the rest.

I know all about how antibiotics can kill and cause imblanace in the gut flora. I only take antibiotics when I have no choice. I then take a very high quality biotic after regularly and make my own live yoghurt, I also regularly eat prebiotic foods to feed the good stuff. Got no problems with candida etc. My problems are nothing to do with my gut/stomach.


I'm waiting for results of a stool test as I know all my issues are in the gut, this might be a silly question but can you make a non-dairy probiotic youhurt? I have also had to cut out dairy and sugar to heal my gut.

Sometimes I get a bit tired and deflated and think about all the things I can't have and then I remind myself that I feel 100 times better because of all the changes I have made and then I just get on with it. Meditation and Yoga are my next step 👍🏼

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Good luck, I just wanted to show my appreciation as well for someone who takes responsibility for their health and tries to understand her body. If you haven't yet considered seeing a macrobiotic practitioner, I would recommend one, because they are really supportive and good guides through the various areas that need healing. You mentioned how difficult it is emotionally, and that's something that is also taken into account.


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I was touched by your post - because you said you lived alone and had no family near you. I have no family - capute - everyone is dead - and I have been alone since 2000 - Its been sixteen years - I can't believe how much time has passed.

You are doing all the right things. My suggestion is to add Exercise and Meditation. Try and go to the Gym and you will make like minded friends. Give it time and things will happen naturally.

Join a meditation group - can be online or physical - after 6 weeks you will wonder how I ever lived without it.

Good luck

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You are doing really well and good that you insisted getting the bloods done. Sadly, GPs do not know everything and we should not expect them to know it all. I have made myself unpopular with my GP Practice Manager when insisting that l get what l need with regard to my stoma supplies, as they keep getting it wrong. I think they may insist l go elsewhere and find another surgery to take me on! Stress does impact on our immune systems, but l cannot find a way around this. I too try to eat sensibly, take supplements, especially Vits C, B3 (Iron) and probiotics which l see now actually help with mood. I get the best and purest forms of supplements with a company based in W.Sussex, not sure if l can say the name!

So do get some probiotics. They say that a healthy gut is the basis of all good health and l believe it


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