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Healthy Work Meal Ideas

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Hey all,

Really just looking to see any helpful ideas in terms of making lunches while at work. I go through patches of eating really well and also bounce into buying food instead of making. Usually what I buy isn't the best choices health wise. I also tend to make the same stuff when I do make my lunches and this becomes boring to me.

Quick background info. I have no real dietary restrictions. I work as a Scaffolder, which means lots of outdoor work and is very energy consuming, on top of average 10-12 hour shifts, 5-6 days a week. Thus I need to eat food that can keep me going.

I have had patches trying to just have salads, which are good but do not maintain my energy levels for the day. Carbs I tend to require, I usually have breads and pasta and rice. However I do not often have a means to heat foods so leftover dinners I prefer not to use cause I don't like them cold.

So basically I was just looking to see if there are any who have ideas that work for them. Meals that are not too over the top in creation, taste good and can fuel my body for work would be awesome! I am open to any varieties.



8 Replies
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Hi there,

I'm looking for lunch ideas for work too, though I'm in an office environment so don't need as much energy as yourself.

I'm bored of my salads now so have been having wraps.

Wholemeal tortilla wraps would be good for your carbs plus a protein filling? I've been enjoying grated cheese, branston pickle and shredded iceberg in mine, but I can see myself getting bored soon so need some more interesting filling ideas!

My husbands job has him on the go all day so he makes himself a burrito type wrap which he has cold which may be a good idea for you?

He fills his wrap with some Mexican rice, usually 1/3 pack of the ready made rice packs though I'm sure he could make his own. And mixed with 1/3 tin of tuna, then adds some salad/ice burg, and grated cheese, and he's done. Quite a balanced wrap with carbs and protein, easy to make and eat without requiring heating up, and he loves them!

Hope that helps a bit :)

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onniebot in reply to spinspinsugar

Wow yeah wraps sound like a good option to try. I have been looking into it and protein seems to be a good thing I need to get more of :)

The big thing is that I cant usually heat my food being out on sires that dont have any means to heat food but I'm pretty sure they would be fine. Thanks will def give it a go.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to onniebot

Have you tried packing fruit and a protein bar that is 20 grams? I do this each day for my job so it's quick and I don't have to worry about warming anything up. The bar and fruit would be 50 carbs. total if you ate both together.

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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to spinspinsugar

Pasta is normally considered as a quick acting carb. But when it is eaten cold it becomes resistant starch and is much harder for the body to break down see

Cold pasta should not spike your blood sugar so it should not be ignored. Include that with good proteins and veg/fruit then you should have a nutritious lunch providing energy longer. Don’t forget about nuts as potential filler during the day.

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Hi I've just read your post and looking at what you consume your having to many high spike sugar carbs. Rice is a culprit for this! Your energy will plummet leaving you ravenous!

I'd recommend protein in your lunch. What works for me is quinoa and throw all sorts in with it. Piece of cooked chicken, boiled eggs and fish.

You can buy uncle bens quinoa which can be heated up in the microwave but do that the night before.

Your job is very strenuous and using a lot of muscle groups, so you need your protein for this.

If your going to have carbs, have complex carbs, which I mean the brown stuff. A lot more slow releasing. Hope this helps.

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onniebot in reply to silvergoddess

HI, yeah I am sure I do overcompensate with carbs and breads etc are filling. But I can often get a bit of a energy drain in the afternoon. I'll have a go with quiona and see how I like it. Is it a substitute for rice is it?


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silvergoddess in reply to onniebot

It is a substitute for rice. If you insist on rice, go for brown rice.

The white stuff is no good at all.

Just another bit of info, people on high carb diets do tend to suffer with bloated ness and to many carbs can cause water retention.

That's why when people go on low carb diets, they lose a lot of weight, but most of it is water.

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Dear, You have not stated whether u r diabetic or normal. If not diabetic u can take balanced diet. Light lunch is always better to feel smart in working. Pl take plenty of green veg. ans salads. Take leguminous food also with high fibre content. Pl take one glass of water 10 m before lunch. Don't take water within half hour after lunch. Have Bjrasan for 10 minutes after lunch.It will work wonder.

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