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Help with diverticulitis

Hello...I am new on here and hope to find someone with same condition. Up to ten weeks ago I was absolutely fine then wham took poorly and ended up in hospital...been diagnosed with Diverticulitis and been in dreadful pain since then...taking painkillers and muscle relaxants and high fibre diet..fruit etc but nothing shifting pain..awaiting result of CT scan. Seeing doc again this week but surely this pain should be easing after 10 weeks! Would appreciate chatting to someone with same condition..thanks 😊

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Hi I'm sorry to hear about your pain, I've had diverticulitis for over 20yrs. I've never been hospitalised but I've had really bad flare ups when the pain was so bad i couldn't walk i had the shivers and a high temperature. The gp gave me 2 lot's of anti biotics and it took the pain away within a week. I was advised to cut back on fibre during a flare up. I hope this helps, and i hope you feel better soon😉


I have had diverticulosis, or diverticular disease for many years. Had a piece of my sigmoid colon removed because it was severely diseased.

Apart from a sensible diet, a little exercise and adequate pain relief, l have found that taking Tumeric either in powder form or buying in capsule form from a GOOD health store, helps to soothe the inflammation, which l still get from time to time in my remaining bowel.

Hope you get some soon and try it. It will not do you any harm as it is a natural product. Let me know how you get on.


I suffered with diverticulitis in my 40's for a short while when my weight had hit 15 stones and I was eating masses of bread...It completely vanished when I subsequently lost the weight, stopped eating all bit a very small amount of wholemeal bread and snacked on dried fruit, nuts and seeds. I have never suffered from it since, but have never eaten bread in the quantities that I used to either.


I understand entirely because I had 2 serious diverticulitis attacks and more recently developed another abscess. I've found that since I've had constant pain. However I've been using the FODMAP diet and found the bloating and pain are significantly reduced. There is also advice at Kings College London. Both unis have apps and the money from them goes into research. It's for IBS but I found it helpful.


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