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hey guys,

wonder if anyone can help me, I have just been advised that I may need to reduce or stop taking any foods with gluten in it, I managed to buy a book with some recipes the other day with some horrible meals in them (gluten free)...

I was talking to a friend the other day and she made sure I knew about a lot of foods that do not have gluten and I need to find out what these are, even if I have to collate them and them print them off as looking in the supermarkets and shops and wow!! how expensive is the so called 'specialised foods' 'Gluten free' I will be honest, I would prefer to quietly pass away than have to buy these foods... does anyone know if there are books and information as I have googled and looked on Amazon website and cannot get anything straight forward, is there anyone else have this Gluten issue who could spare same info please

Thank in advance



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  • You can go on There are some great meals to choose from.

  • I'd be interested to know who advised you a out the gluten. If your GP suspects Celiac disease then you will be getting a test and if its positive you will be entitled to gluten free products on prescription.

    If its just advice to avoid gluten then there is lists of information about cooking gluten free. Buying ready made meals is very expensive as you have discovered.

    Hope you are not celiac as it can make life quite difficult.

    Best of luck


  • hey,

    the consultant has only touched on it and advised to see if he can cut out on the gluten as a trial until all the results are back, we have priced up a lot of stuff and the consultant also stated he would be able to get certain stuff via prescription, and another friend has said that there is a lot of foods that don't have gluten in it anyway, this is a list I am trying to get, I don't mind making the bread but its all the other food which it out priced and just greed from the shops. if it turns out that he needs to be gluton free I am going to get a petition out for shops and supermarkets to bring these prices down, at the end of the day, more issues are brought to light due to all the chemicals they add to foods that cause these health problems this was not heard of a few years ago.

    Sorry, Rant over, and thanks

  • You will only get prescription gluten free if you are found to be celiac but not unfortunately if you are intolerant. When I was cooking g gluten free I found d that bread was the only thing I couldn't make. I make most of my own bread but gluten free just stumped me. Ordinary meals and cakes , biscuits etc but the bread always turned out a brick.


  • mascotty02,

    Have you looked into buying Udi's brand of food? The bread that Udi's has is gluten free and is better than other brands of gluten free bread. The buns for hamburgers and hot dogs are great, too. They don't crumble so easily as other types.

  • Although I'm not gluten free, how about borrowing a relevant book from a local library, if they don't have one they should be able to get you a book from another branch, hope that helps

  • Watched the programme Super Shoppers last week and they showed that an awful lot of food sold as "gluten free" and sold in a special section are priced at 3 or 4 times the cost of their "normal" equivalent! A lot of food is gluten free already and if you check all labels they should all say if they are gluten free or not, for instance tomato ketchup in Tesco's own gluten free range was 3 x the price of its normal ketchup and if you check the label it also is gluten free!

    Unless you are specifically diagnosed as needing to be gluten free there is no need to buy specialist foods at all.

  • Bigleg already said what I would- check out the low carb stuff at I have voluntarily started eliminating gluten just to get my joints to quit hurting. It's working, and I've just stopped eating flour based products in general, not trying to eliminate ALL sources of gluten as celiac people have to.

  • Porridge oats are gluten free, as are potatoes and rice. Try making custards and sauces using eggs as a thickener, rather than custard powder or flours unless you can source potato or rice flour. So it is a question of swopping your carbs into the ones that you are happy eating or replacing them with an alternative. If it is causing you discomfort rather than full blown allergy, you might find that after a period of exclusion, you will be able to have occasional gluten. Though not if you're coeliac, obviously. Good luck with your experiments.

  • hey,

    Thanks guys for your responses very interesting read, doesn't have to give the carbs up only that needs to be gluten free, they are investing a couple more things at the moment and should get a result soon, its been ongoing for years and they have finally realised I have come onto the scene and will not tolerate their crap anymore and things are moving now.

    will keep you guys updated and again thanks for links and advice, it is appreciated


  • Hi Mark,

    I have celiac's disease and have been eating gluten free for quite some time... Nowadays GF product are easy to come by and cooking within reasonable budget get's easier once you learn which GF products can act as substitutes and which products are naturally GF. And always read the ingredientslist and don't trust cafe's or restaurants without really asking (most soups in restaurants for example are not GF and then you have the whole crosscontamination stuff). You learn as you go and my health improved drastically when I went back on the diet. What helped me most where informative books in the library, a cooking book that has tons of original recipes and notes how to adjust them to for example a GF-diet and I love cooking haha

    Good luck to you & best wishes! x

  • I watched Supershoppers the other week and Gluten free products was one of the products they reported on. They had a number of gluten free items with the equivalent ordinary products. The surprise was that the gluten free items were not only practically double the price, and mostly less weight than the ordinary products, but also totally no need to purchase because the ordinary products had no gluten in them. Check whatever food you are interested in because if there's gluten in it it has to be shown in the ingredients.

  • I subscribe to a blog that provided a link and review of a cookbook that reminded me of your post- Might be worth looking into. And here's the link to the blog post; she's fun to read-

  • Hi Mark, I've gone gluten- free almost by default for the past 2 years. I stopped eating processed carbs of any kind, which includes bread, crackers, pasta, etc. I did this because I was too fat, had high blood pressure and had way too many frequent headaches.

    This low carb diet needs you to eat more healthy fats, like olive oil (not heated), coconut oil and even butter to keep your energy intake up. Gluten has simply disappeared from my diet, almost by accident! Instead of the traditional breakfast of cereal, toast and orange juice, most mornings I have a fry up of bacon, eggs (all of the yolks!) and whatever greens I fancy.

    My former evening pasta dishes are pretty much as before, but I replace the wheaty gunk with a bed of cauliflower and / or broccoli. Still tastes just as good, without the stodge.

    I never buy expensive gluten- free manufactured foods, no need!

    If you want more info., look up LCHF on the web- there's loads of proper science, food ideas and testimonials from ordinary people like me who are now way healthier, no poorer, and possibly slimmer too.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi impgolf66

    Thanks for all your replies and advice, this is not for me its for my partner, they are still trying to diagnose him of his issues and have suggested that could try to go gluten free to see if this helps until they have reached a final diagnosis, I don't hold out to much hope as this has been ongoing for just under 10 years now, with an animal in so much pain daily they would have put your pet down... I am having issues with weight anyway due to cancer and the drugs that I am now on for the rest of my natural, it is known for putting weight on, and with joint issues hard to go to the gym, and I need pushing to go as well now, lol just trying to get some gluten free foods/recipes where you don't need a mortgage to buy this food as I am quite happy to try as well.

    again appreciate your advice and will have a look at the LCHF site.



  • Check out the LCHF group on HU. Go to:

  • Sounds good!

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