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It's been going well. I had my first week of weight loss this week. I went from 172lbs, which was my Christmas weight to 169. It's not much but I am happy it's going in the right direction.

Banana, coffee

Lunch: apple, musli ( no added sugar), yogurt, ( no added sugar)

Snack: 5 pecans, 5 almonds, 5 cashews, 10 dried apricots

Dinner: kidney beans in tomato/ onion stew with brown rice and 30g cheddar cheese

F1-5: Banana, apple, apricot, tomato, onion

P1/2: Yogurt/ cheese/nuts/beans

C1/2: musli, brown rice

So this has been my typical day. I have not been hungry eating these foods. I have eaten like this for a week and don't really miss sugar yet.

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progress looking good, well done, i'm still getting use to new lifestyle and still make some bad choices but learning. good luck, carry on the good work


3lbs is a very good weight loss - picture it as 6 packets of butter! That seems a very well planned diet you are following so congratulations!

Just be careful that you are not so strict that you have a rebound, I know I would - I allow myself 1400 calories minimum or I crack under the strain! Also, the odd glass of wine or drink of hot chocolate must be counted too.

Keep at it for the coming week, but expect the weight loss to slow a little, as is normal. A loss of 1 or 2lbs next week will still be excellent.

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Are you vegetarian? This diet seem fruit heavy which is where your sweet sugar is coming from. Needs more green leaf. You could add eggs in too.

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