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Sorry for the unimaginative topic heading, it just told me to make a post about why I am here so here I am!

I've been on a journey since 29th March and have lost just short of 8 stones by trying to re educate myself on eating habits and trying to eat more healthily.

I am really struggling now and still have a lot to learn so that is basically why, when I found here, I joined.

According to the weight tables I am still 2 stones overweight. Realistically if I can lose half of that, eat healthily and maintain I will be very happy.

So there you go....if you are still awake you have my story!

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Wow that's inspirational for someone like me who still has a lot to lose! Thanks for sharing it! I'm hoping to break the 2 stone loss mark tomorrow morning at the Monday weigh in (there is a weight loss group on here which I have found brilliant for motivation and support). You might pick up a few tips on there as well as on this forum, folk often talk about food (I guess that kinda goes without saying lol, what a daft thing for me to say!). On the other hand, it would be great to have you over there to inspire everyone who is on their own weight loss journey too, you might have some very handy info for us all! For me, loading up on veggies and salad, and cutting back on bread, pasta, etc is what is working so far, I can't stick at any eating plan if I'm hungry and so far I haven't been, so that's perfect really! Obviously it's really early stages for me yet, so when I eventually get to the stage where I only have 2 stone to go, any tips on how to keep the loss going would be fab please! Wishing you all the best of luck on the final stage of your journey!


That's an amazing weight loss. You should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. Onwards and downwards!


Well done. Keep going. It will be hard at this time of year. Good luck.


aww thanks guys. I must admit my biggest hurdle at the start was eating properly, regular meals, try to eat home cooked and not to eat on the run. I combined it with simple walking which was about all I was able to do at the time.

I envy you being able to cut back on bread weightwarrior - it is STILL my achilles heel, I love the stuff!

WIll try and join the weigh in group and thanks again all for the welcome and kind words. If I can pass anything on I will!

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Great to hear that!, you will achieved that desired weight soon just keep up the good work by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle!

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thats amazing, I've been on the way since march as well and lost 4 stone, maybe 2 to go, try not to think about it too much,I am now a weight I would not be so embarrassed to mention in public, but I'm not even 5foot tall so still overweight

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wow great stuff Chris, well done. im not much taller than you - 5 ft 4 at a push. Im going to try not to get stressed about it over Christmas but try not to put on too much either. Problem is in my family they like to have lots of chocolates and skandinavian pastries about. the chocolates I can avoid, the pastries and breads on the other Keep up the good work Chris you are doing great :)


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