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Hello, I'm starting the 12 week NHS eating plan today. I want to lose 9kg which seems possible but I'm still daunted, I don't want to let myself down. I'm going for 1700 Kcal day rather than 1400 Kcal as I think that would leave me hungry. I'd rather up my activity, I'm using couch to 5k too, than radically lower my calories, if I get less all the better. Well here goes. Good luck to me and anyone on a similar journey.


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  • What is the 12 week plan from the NHS I haven't heard of it before. Can I download it somewhere. Thank you 😀😀

  • Hi, yes, it's on the NHS site. I googled NHS 12 week weight loss plan and the site was easy to find. Good luck

  • I also signed up today too! I think any weight loss journey is daunting just need to take it one day at a time. Good luck!

  • Thanks Suzeeb, good luck to you too. I'm on day 2 and going strong just about to tuck into a nice veg. soup for lunch.

  • Sounds good. I only signed up today so been looking at the plan and ideas. Shopping tomorrow for a new healthy start!

  • Well I've done three days now at 1700 or less calories and exercised more than usual. It doesn't sound much but I'm pleased that I've stuck at it so far and found some nice recipes. Hope everyone else is doing well x

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