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weight gain on medication

I am currently taking 50mg of levothyroxine for my under active thyroid and also 40mg of citalopram for a touch of depression that I have. With these 2 medications I am taking I feel the constant need to eat everything in sight ! Not proper meals just absolute rubbish ! Buns, cakes, crisps, ice cream and the list goes on. Anything at all I can get my hands on. Its driving me crazy ! Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am permanently eating and never feeling satisfied ? I had lost a lot of weight 3 years ago but 3 stone has crept back on. I need to loose this weight as none of my clothes fit me ! Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you for taking the time to read my post :-) xx

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Hi I'm the same I'm on 75 Levothyroxine and 75 amytripyline and 40 prozac. I crave the rubbish and not healthy food. It's driving me mad. I thought it was just me too.


its crazy isn't it ! Just makes you feel more down the weight that you gain ! Have you had any professional advice at all ? I couldn't take the amitriptyline they made me feel so tired !

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Hi all, I've put loads of weight on since being on levothyroxin 75m, but when I told my consultant this he laughed and said it's the food and drink I'm putting into my mouth, and nothing to do with the medication I'm taking.

Like the the lovely people on here I too crave all the wrong foods?

I've been cutting out biscuits, and white bread from my diet for the past few weeks, and have lost 3kg or 6lbs.

I've been exercising by going for walks and using my stepper most days. Due to some health issues I need to lose at least 3 stone,


If you can get the depression under control without drugs that may help. Does your GP offer any advice or help other than drugs? It sounds like you also need to be kinder to yourself. Is it possible that your eating is related to your depression?

Try a low GL diet to get yourself full - get as full as possible on good, healthy food. If you need to snack try unsalted nuts; eat one at a time and slowly. They may slow down your intake and you will know that what you are eating is healthy. When you are about to binge maybe distract yourself such as go out for a walk. Maybe your cravings will have died down when you have come back.

The hormones that tell you are full can be turned off if the food you eat has a combination of refined sugars and fat such as cheesecake or doughnuts. Maybe if you remember this before you start eating "comfort" food that you will override mechanisms in your body so you are likely to just keep eating.

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