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lorna trying lose weight walking n chewing gum etc dont work

went for walk from new place i live shieldfield to heaton park i walked thru to pets corner jesmond dene then walked thru to paddy freemans park which i never been before long walk //i have been having chewing gum and no drinks alchol i mean and today lunch was 1 sweet pot and 2 j pots with butter and tonight 2 apples and some cream crackers cream crackers slimming or fattening dry? need some help ilike walking but cant lose the weight ive been told since and after u had the baby u wont lose it by people i use to live near and just get bigger //any surjestions please?

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You'll do well on here for support and advice .I am determined to lose two and a half stone .I have joined Slimming World which is working well for me .ive lost 8lbs in three weeks .Its not a faddy diet and everybody in family can eat same meals so no extra cooking . The twelve week plan is good too .

You will always come up against negative people .Youll prove them wrong and lose the weight .

Stay positive and keep popping on here their a great bunch of people on here doing the same as you .No put downs or negativity .

Good luck and keep in touch

Aileen 😃🌺🌻🐝


Forgot to say you need to eat more starving yourself will just make you fail I know been there 🌺🌻🐝😃


Don't think you are eating enough if that's all you ate all day. Its been proved that if you eat TOO little your body will think there is a famine coming ( the way it might have done in the past) and start to use all your food to lay down fat stores. I've a friend who does this starving thing a lot when she has got some important event coming up. She puts all the weight back on very quickly and ends up a wee bit bigger each time.

Good luck with sensible dieting though



ok thanks


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