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Dinner: 10-9-2021🥗🥜

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Hi everyone. Tonight’s dinner was: hummus, gluten free crackers, salad with dressing, almonds, black olives, grape leaves stuffed with rice and some ice cream for dessert. The entire meal was really good and had 89 total carbs..

What did you have for dinner? 😀👍

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Hi Leah, your meal sounds lush to me as I love hummus and olives but have never had grape leaves. I know that grapes are good for diabetics and I also love grapes as they’re sweets from Mothers Nature.

And followed by ice cream makes this a smashing low carb meal, so nice one. 😊

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Hi Hidden,

Thank you for saying that about my dinner last night. Which is your favorite flavor of hummus? Last night, we had original and garlic with the stuffed grape leaves with rice inside. The salad was a side salad with the almonds and black olives mixed in the salad and on top with whatever dressing we wanted (my parents picked two different flavors from the French Style dressing I had for myself). Everyone enjoyed it. :-)

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Hi Leah I really like original but do buy it with chillies sometimes 🌶 😊

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I haven't had the hummus with chilies in it, yet. I'll have to see if we can get it soon. We usually get garlic, roasted pine nut, roasted/mon-roasted garlic, original, olive, spinach artichoke, etc.. 😀👍🧄

That sounds like a tasty combination Leah. I haven't had stuffed vine leaves for such a long time now but before the pandemic I used to eat them ready prepared from the little Greek taverna just across the street from me. We had a home-made quiche last night with a vegetable rice, seasoned with curry spices. It was still warm from the oven when I had to prep my husband's dinner, so he could get off to work, and I really only like quiche cold, so I chilled my slice in the fridge and ate later!

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Thank you, Sue. We try to have hummus and stuffed grape leaves once a week, but it depends on if we can get what we want and flavor/type of both items. It seems like where we go shopping now and then doesn't want to have everything that we expect to see each week. When this happens, I try to have my mom think about us preparing/cooking our own hummus. We may have to do that in a few weeks, but we'll see.

Your quiche for dinner sounds wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it. Are you having leftovers today or in a few days? :-)

Ground beef pattie w/ cheese , head lettuce salad, with schredded cheese,& dressing, greek yogurt.😊

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Your salad and dinner sounds great. What flavor of dressing and Greek yogurt did you have last night? :-)

Your whole meal sounds good and especially your grape leaves stuffed with rice

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Thank you, Imaaan for saying that. I really enjoyed everything last night for dinner. The one thing that I would've liked having that we didn't get to was the feta cheese for the salad to be mixed in/on top. We will need that later next week. :-)

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Hope u have a feta fiesta

Hi Leah,

Your meal sounds delicious. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Zest :-)

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Thank you, Zest. Yes, everything was delicious last night. It’s been a while since we had the same meal, so it was a nice change for dinner.😀👍👍

sounds really nice i ahd roast beef n yorkshire pud

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That’s a great dinner.😀👍

Thank you for saying that. I enjoy grape leaves and hummus.😀👍👍

sounds good -grape leaves - didnt think leaves weremeant to be eaten (unless it is spinach )

Not just spinach, but generally most salad greens - including lettuce and cabbage leaf - are leaves. I recently discovered that beet(root) leaves are tasty and nutritious, ditto for cauliflower. I have been tossing both away for many years.

You've never had dolmades? 😔 It's a staple of Greek (and neighbouring countries') cuisine. Though I have never heard them called grape leaves, it's always vine leaves, even though it is grape vine.

My mum cant understand why i dont like cabbage & sprouts yet i love spinach I keep telling her time & again why

I love lettuce (the soft sort -the had iceberg ones give me indigestion & i dont like cauliflower at all

Do you tell her you're a super taster? Seems likely as you don't like brassicas - sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower etc. What do you think of broccoli? Spinach is not a brassica.


no i dont she just cant understand why i dislike those vegetables & love spinach - to be fair i dont understand either -all i know is that i love spinach

Did you click that link above? Foods don't taste the same to all of us. It's likely that you have more taste buds on your tongue than I (or your mum) has. That means that we experience a pleasing, mild bitterness in these veggies, but for you they taste much more bitter, basically disgusting. Spinach doesn't have the same level of sulphur.

My apologies -i didnt see the link - I ll ahve a read of that at some point I guess its also down to personal taste

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Grape vine leaves are used throughout the the middle east for wrapping rice and meat in..each country has their own name for what is really the same way of using them..I have always known them as Koupepia. My favourite Greek food and I make them regularly..you can use the same ingredients for stuffing bell peppers, courgettes, large tomatoes and any vegetables of your choice.😁

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I never came across them at all in the 4 times ive been to greece

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It's true they don't have them on the menu in all the restaurants, but they can be found in quite a few restaurants, they are one of my all time favourite foods, so I tend to look for them..😊

Eating chamber bitter once a day to rid me of kidney stones & last week I was pulling them out of my plant pots as weeds!!!Now that’s some powerful greens!

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Hi Nugger this is very interesting about chamber bitter (phyllanthus) as it’s a diuretic and as you know it’s been used in Chinese’s medicine for a long time.

I’m amazed it’s believed to be as powerful as ibuprofen in reducing inflammation and in helping reduce blood sugar spikes.

But supplements of phyllanthus are not regulated so the ingredients have to be read carefully.

It’s a very delicate pretty little plant that appears to pack a punch. 🪴

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Am the same here, it's one of the main weeds I have in the garden and pots. It's well known in Thailand for its medicinal purposes.

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