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A no carbs diet


Does anyone have any meal ideas or recipes for a no carbs diet? I have been advised by my doctor to do this to lose weight and also for my IBS.

I just end having a banana for breakfast, tinned soup or salad for lunch then by the time it comes near to dinner, I am so so hungry, I end up having a heavy carb meal instead of skinless chicken or grilled fish with vegetables as planned.

Any advice appreciated.

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Ok, maybe ask your doctor what he means with "no" carbs.

I know a lot of people that - for IBS - have eliminated simple carbohydrates (plain sugar, some fruit (that includes bananas) and all refined grains - but can handle things like quinoa, rice , and oats, and some grains in their original form. Some do well without gluten ...

Also, zero carbs is actually impossible, as complex carbohydrates are present in all vegetables and fruit, in different percentages (you can find websites that list nutritional values)

If you just want to reduce , you could try by limiting carbs for breakfast (ideally in the form of porridge made with pinhead oatmeal) and ditch the banana - berries are better, and a few nuts (4-5 almonds) and maybe try to see how your IBS does with no dairy (if you are using it) .

Better still would be having 1 or 2 eggs. If you're always on the run in the morning prepare some boiled eggs the day before - they keep 2 or 3 days in the fridge, and you can simply grab one and eat it on the go.


Tinned soup: check the label for ingredients and sugar content - you could start experimenting with making your own (cheaper, tastier, healthier... )

Add protein to your salad: again, could be any sort of beans (if ok for your IBS) eggs, meat if you eat it ( chicken) fish : poached fresh salmon, sardines. Seeds, nuts, avocados all go well with green salads. Protein and a moderate amount of good fats will keep you full for longer than a soup and a handful of lettuce.

Snack on a few walnuts or almonds (they provide fat and protein) , and if you really crave something sweet try a date or two.

Hope this helps! :) x


no carb diet is impossible . Carbohydrate protein and fat are the main function of the body u may serach low carb high fat ft diet system This is also available in this forum

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Check out for lots of helpful information on a low carb diet, personal stories and lots of meal ideas.

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Hi Naturegirl22,

I suspect what your doctor meant was no concentrated carbs, such as bread and pasta, rice to a certain degree.

As already mentioned I thinks its impossible to go zero carbs, even Atkins diet recommends a minimal amount.

I went very low carb and started to feel a bit strange, so now I have a some carbs with each main meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but heaps of fruit and veg, and some nuts and seeds too.

A good of thumb is to cut out the bad stuff which is generally everything with added sugar.

Anyway, perhaps have another chat with your doctor about it

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