I'm looking for 10 super simple keto diet recipes

I'm looking for 10 super simple keto diet recipes

Does anyone have any low carb, but specifically keto diet (low carb, high fat), recipe favorites they can share?

I'm looking for 10 (or so) very simple, but tasty options that will allow me to mix it up while not having to prepare a meal for 30+ minutes at a time. Even if you've made it up, the meal title, plus a few preparation steps in the comments would be awesome. Links to other sites also welcome.

Ideally, any lunch options would be something I could pop out to the grocery store on my lunch break and prepare quickly and any dinner options would be less than 20 minutes.

For a bit of background on the ketogenic diet see this PDF: coc.unm.edu/common/pdf/Keto...

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  • Hi Joel,

    I am wondering if you know about the Low carb, high fat community, as they will probably have more recipes they could share with you in that community?

    Here is a link, and I hope that is helpful:


    Zest :-)

  • I eat a daily meal of 300-400mls of whole fat kefir with a heaped tablespoon each of linseeds & chia seeds, & about 75g of brazils, almonds & walnuts. It's about 1,200 calories with 20g of protein. I eat fresh & dried fruit with it too, but that might not fit in with your diet.

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