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I should learn to make diet plans

I recently read an article and I had no idea not eating enough could make you gain weight! I have been trying to understand for quite a long time now why my weight it slowly going up, I have no routine with food, I'm no where near the calories I should be getting, I generally eat one large meal, which is really bad.

I have been doing exercise but I noticed after writing down my foods, I don't eating enough, absolutely not, my weight didn't even move after 3 weeks...

Do you reckon it's my diet?

See the thing is, I am rubbish at knowing what to eat and how much etc.

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The information out there in the internet is bewildering. Eatting one meal a day isnt bad for you in some reports, others swear by little and often. Ultimately you need to track what you eat and make sure you eat the micro nutrients that maintain a healthy diet. What exactly is a healthy diet has soo many opinions out there it is no wonder we dont know what to eat. Personally Im a Low carbohydrate High fat person but this goes against the NHS policy diet plate. I try to stay clear of all processed foods. This means you have to plan and make eat meal you eat from scratch. Not everyone has the time to do this but you will be surprised what lovely dinners you can make in 15mins. Whatever you choose to eat make sure its low calorie and filling. Otherwise you will fall into the snack happy over eatter. I found when I spread my calories out to 5 meals a day from my regular 1 meal a day I ate more calories and didnt loose weight. I am happy to eat 2 or 3 times a day. Breakfast and Dinner (nighttime) satisfies my hunger. I make sure I have plenty of proteins and fat (I have butter and cheese in small quanities but no margarine) eat nuts, green leafy veg,tomatos, I am eatting fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel,shrimp) at least 2-3 times a week, keep bacon, ham (salty processed) to a minimum. Eat beef, pork, lamb,chicken, beans like black beans,kidney beans,chickpeas, almonds, as my protein/fats. I have limited carrots, sweetcorn,beets (greens leaf from beets are fine).

I do not eat any processed meals, wheat (from choice) including bread of any kind all sugar, starchy veg (like potatoes), no biscuits or cake and try to keep carbohydrates as low as possible. If you are hungry a good home cooked vegetable soup should live in your fridge as your snack food. I find I am not hungry on this diet tho. You must eat the veg to keep you regular. I like porridge for breakfast and keep to 50-100g of oats made with water when I eat it I do not put sugar on it. I drink tea and coffee with cream. If you dont eat the carbs the fat has to burn as the energy. Vareity of veg keeps the micronutrients in balance as with the variety of proteins.

Good luck in your weight loss.


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