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Hi after failing on my own several times I'm looking for someone in a similar situation to help me along ( and I will help them in return) . I am forty one years old and 13 stones 7; from the uk and I have fibromyalgia and low vit D.

Would love someone who's in a similar situation who I could check in with and get/ offer support maybe once or twice a week? Any takers? X


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  • Could you please give me your height? I'm 5' 6" and 14 St 7 lbs and have age related arthritis and an incredible amount of over all body ache which I am assuming is fibromyalgia. I am 66 years old and a semi- retired photographer. Perhaps I'm too old or that heavier than you to consider? Christine

  • I am quite happy to be your diet buddy. I am disabled and cannot exercise like I used to. I fall off the wagon from week to week. I was 11.4 to begin with and would like to be 9st again. It is a daily struggle. If I can be of help let me know.

  • Hi Its just so hard to loose weight, Im 39 5'4 and 11st 6, I simply cant shift my baby weight (shes 12! years not months) If I could join you and offer some joint motivation that would be great!

    My problem is over eating and the wrong things, I kid myself that its only 1 piece of chocolate (even though i might be on my 5th 6th bit) I need to change my mindset!

  • Hi Noahsmum, I am also a fm sufferer of 8 yrs now and a mum of 2. I have struggled with weight due to this but having only got my diagnosis a little over a yr ago have only recently been doing research on fb and weight. I haven't a clue what my weight is i can tell you ive gone from a size 10 to 18 and fatter than now than I was through either pregnancies! I have tried numerous diets from simply cutting down amounts to all fruit and veg diets and though I loose a little i then always seem to hit a wall and cant get further. I have just started a high protein low carb low fat low sugar diet after trolling through extensive fm sites I havent seen any great difference as of yet but its still early days. I would be very pleased to take up your offer of two way support as I know no one else with fm and though I am very lucky to have an extremely supportive family a fellow sufferer to talk with would be great!

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