Wholemeal baking ideas

Wholemeal baking ideas

Hi there, let's share our recipes and ideas for baking using wholemeal flour, bran, brown sugar (any type),etc.

Above is a photograph of Muffins adapted from Dr. P. Dukan's recipe. I replaced most of the bran with wholemeal flour and added dark brown sugar instead of a sweetener, and for an extra taste added some dried cranberries. Baked two hours ago and only a few left! =)

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  • Cab, glucose, brown sugar glucose!

  • So,how do you bake you cakes or bread? Just give me your recipe if it's healthier than mine.I want to try it.

  • You need carbohydrates, especially brain as it works on a glucose.

  • I'm afraid brown sugar is the same as white in both nutritional value and calories. Plus it has all the side effects of eating too much. Most dried cranberries have added sugar. Worth checking. Other dried fruits will give extra sweetness. Or carrots .

  • Ok,so just give me your recipe for a sponge cake or bread, please.

  • Hello,

    I am afraid I do not do any home backing! Cab intake is from rice twice a week.

  • My idea is to do something at home rather than getting it from the shop. It would be even better if better ( healthier, more nutritious) ingredients were used. I only have just started baking and cooking a month ago, but thanks to this I stopped buying anything ready made. Do you eat any vegetables? Rice twice a week is a very low carbohydrate intake, have you consulted your diet with a nutritionist?

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