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I and my husband need to lose weight but we need a healthy diet first. I have Parkinson and have to time my protein intake to be 1 hour before or after. Some meds are taken every 2 hours except for a 3 hour break in the morn and another break in the afternoon. I have to eat with the meds so I am getting frustrated a balancing my food intake. My husband needs to lose 60 pounds and as soon as he hears the word "diet" he becomes hungry all the time. And he craves sweets. He has a heart condition and back injury so losing weight, eating healthy, is really the only logical option for him.

He is retired and I am on disability from many injuries to the neck and lower back, plus medical conditions. I use an electric wheel chair, but through therapy I am learning to do chair exercises.

I hope to meet people who also trying to improve their health and create a more positive life.

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Hi wrebecca, I am in a similar position regarding meds as I have to also eat within an hour of taking them. My husband is also trying to lose weight but is very aware and probably better than I at the discipline.

I have found that it is better to eat much less, but more frequently and preparation is everything, We have drastically reduced our carb intake and our portion size - we ( well more me) have cut out any wheat based products as I think I have an inflammatory reaction to wheat and loosely follow the Paleo diet ie: no processed foods at all, no carbs and no dairy and absolutely no added sugar. It is not restrictive in any other way but if you eat cereals, bread, cake and biscuits it is a bit of a shock to the system and some people experience withdrawals from sugar deprivation so you could withdraw gradually.

Keep a food diary, writing down everything you eat makes you realise what a lot more you consume than what you really need- no wonder the lbs rack up!

Buy smaller plates to reduce portion size (that way your mind still thinks you have a full plate and you don't feel deprived) and ensure that two thirds of the plate are vegetables, preferably greens.

I prepare small snacks - a mouthful only - to take with my meds other than those I take with meals. Usually it is a mix of seeds, nuts and raisins. Nuts will give you the protein content. Raw veg with humus, square of dark (85%) chocolate, mug of hot chocolate made from almond milk, soya milk or coconut milk and cocoa powder - there are lots of ideas and recipes on sites such as Pininterest, Paleo diet sites and Clean Eating - just google.

Exercise is important to stay fit but start small and build up - a briskish walk for 10 mins every day to start and build from there - movement is more important than exercise so move as much as possible. Learn to listen to your body regarding hunger and apart from taking your meds only eat when you are hungry for me that is stomach growling, not just fancying a snack.

Following these principles I am very slowly reducing my weight - it is not dieting as that has been proved to just be a recipe for putting weight on - you will yo yo up and down. Aim to lose about 1-2lbs a week with life style changes - I have found it hard but I am sticking with it.

We are currently in Spain and eat out a lot, this is the hardest as there is hardly any meal without wheat or dairy and Spain are still big on bread and sweet things but we are managing to maintain things.

Good luck and let us know how you get on,


CDreamer, thank you for the response.

I have begun trying to eat more small meal, trying to have last meal before 7 pm. Thank you for the websites, I will check them out.

As far as exercise, I have to use an electric wheelchair. But the PT group is trying to adjust certain exercises that I will be able to do daily. My husband goes to the gym or long walks at least every other day.

I hope you are enjoying Spain, I can image it is hard with the different dishes to pick the best foods.

You have very good ideas.

Thank you again,



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