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Hi, I'm 28, unfit and unhealthy, feeling tired all the time, not sleeping well and generally finding every day a bit taxing. I have a lovely husband and a gorgeous little boy who I want to run around after but I don't have the energy! I have decided that things need to change. Exercise, healthy eating and a positive attitude!

I have hypothyroidism so I have always found it difficult to lose weight and I struggle with getting enough fruit and veg into my day. Does anyone have any tips on how to do that? I'm not a big fruit lover, even though I try to be and I can't have berries because of allergies. I'm also allergic to nuts so that limits healthy snacks a bit! Every 'diet' I've tried suggests handfuls of berries or nuts as a healthy snack so I end up eating a banana or an Apple all the time, which gets a bit tiresome. I love veg though but struggle to find quick and easy veg-filled recipes that will feed my family as well as being healthy.

Any ideas gratefully received! Thanks. 😊 Xxxx


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  • Hi, i,m loving the my fitness pal app. Works for me where others have not. Stay with this site, it,s very supportive.

  • I feel your pain! I hate fruit, and don't eat nuts! My boyfriend is a crazy unhealthy eater too, so cooking for him is a nightmare! Here are some of my favorite recipes for fitting in the healthy.

    - Omlette or scrambled eggs! (2 eggs, tomato, small amount low fat cheese, dash of skim milk, spinach, low fat ham. Great for protein and veggies and really customization!)

    - Stir fry! (I buy those frozen stir fry vegetable packets, steam them until soft in the microwave, then fry with soy sauce in a frying pan. For my sweetheart I add rice to his)

    - Tuna Bake (can get verrry unhealthy very quickly. Just make sure you don't eat too large a portions and limit the cheese on top. I generally make it 1/3 tuna, 1/3 vegetables like carrot and potato, and 1/3 pasta! Tastes amazinng and great for protein)

    For any dinner that's not a "meal" per-say, I will generally have something like a piece of baked fish and oven baked vegetables. I can't stand carrots normally, but if I steam them until soft, cover with lemon and bake for a bit they taste delicious! And zucchini and potato and tomatos and basically any vegetable that can be baked.

    Soups are another big favourite, pumpkin soup and tomato soup, as natural as you can get (I normally get tinned.. lazyyy) and many many others are a great source of vegetables.

    I also greatly enjoy miso soup, which has an acquired taste but has amazing ingredients. (you can buy that in an asian isle freeze dried)

    For snacks I blend banana and a little milk together, sometimes with spinach leaves or honey, and make a smoothie!

    Munching on frozen grapes is a good time, as long as you make sure not to eat 2kgs like I did.

    Tomato and low cal ham on rice cakes or rice biscuits is also delicious snack.

    Eating healthy can seem like a chore, but after about 2 years of no sugar, no sweets you don't miss it at all, healthy food I actually find more delicious than anything else!

    I wish you great luck and feel free to ask any questions! :3

  • Quick frying veg quickly in butter or oil can be very tasty! I go to ASDA and get pre packed veg 2 for 3 pounds. you can buy the veg you like and prepare them, but remember to cook the veg that take too log to cook!

    Have you tried sweet potatoes?, very good. Green leafy veg are also very good.

    For me I do add balsamic vinegar to my cooked veg!

    For lunch I cook onions and the add tomatoes and cook for a while and have this with what ever I like, eggs. cheese, any!

    Berries and nuts can be very expensive!

    On fruits Apple a day is good, other fruits can be expensive! please do watch.

    you can boil a lot of veg you like and have it, very simple and good for you. Some veg you can roast.

  • Have you tried LCHF?

    If not read up on it.

    As far as you medical conditions are concerned. Treat the cause or effect is all up to you!!!

    LCHF recipes favor Veggies Egg and Meat with good amount of Good fat.


    Eggs many ways throw in as much of butter and cheese(some varieties) with meats will do wonders with a glass of wholesome full fat milk(again Look for the right ones) .


    I normally eat when hungry I drink Coffee/Tea all day.


    Garlic Onions stir fry add veggies(Spinach Cabbage Broccoli etc) Butter Herbs Love Basil Rosemary Thyme Oregano Salt n Pepper Add cheese Spread or Runny Yogurt or Full Fat Cream and U will be left delighted.

    A Glass of Wholesome Full Fat milk for the Sweet Lovers

    Very very rarely I eat some fruit (very small portions 7/8 times in the last 5 Months)

    I am a diabetic

    My sugars Rarely Go North of 120 and Remain in the range of 90/120.

    I have been at this for 5 Months Now (8.01.2015) Start weight 140Kilos I am at 122Kilos now.

    By product is I Lost weight (I Dont care much) but my Vitality and every other sign has made me live a fuller life.

    I dont get stressed, I have loads of energy, My skin is younger blemishes Gone, My stature has gotten erect, I feel and Look at least a few years younger than I am NOw.(i am 42) I never get ravenously hungry, I dont crave sweets or desserts. Once I am done eating No belching No squeamish stomachs.

    My bowels have never been better. MY sleep is sooo good I wake FRESH every single day.

    Given these benefits I am living this way as long as I do.

    Dont eat Fruits, Dont eat any Sugars(get em from Meat, Milk) Dont eat any processed or otherwise Carbs( I get em from the veggies). I cook my food fresh in Butter/Olive Oil/Coco Oil. Eat eggs cheese Sausages Cured Meats, Nuts( Eat em occasionally)., Coffee in full cream, Cheese, Make small lots of mayo using Butter as it solidifies in the refrigerator.

    I forgot to mention the only pill I eat is a Vitamin Supplement (a cocktail of Vit B C D )


    Seems tough but is rather easy.

    The first 3 days are important to focus.

    Then the next 2 weeks (thirsty and Uneasy) and after this time is Bliss Sheer Bliss...

    Wish You Luck

    I wrote so much I do not understand WHY

    Maybe u cud benefit some!!

  • Hi Stukgeorge,

    it's normal to feel tired when you have a small child. It helped me when I found a council run sports centre that had free child care (the YMCA also has this). For an affordable price my children were entertained and I tried swimming, classes and the gym. It sometimes felt like an effort to go but it always made me feel good. My oldest child was really difficult to leave and I got called back a few times, but she learned that I hadn't left forever and started to enjoy it ( which helped with playgroup later on). Good Luck (apples are great and so may varieties).

  • Hey, that sounds great! How did you find out what your council had to offer? I've tried my council page but it's a little confusing. Xxxx

  • Hi, I try to get my 5 a day in with making vegetable soup, it can be a meal in itself or as a starter. I also try to make up a side-salad to go with my main meal and pack sandwiches with salad.

  • There is a wonderful app I downloaded on my phone called 'Yummly' it shows you quick and healthy recipes and there's tons of ideas in there. It's gives you the ingredients, prep time and calorie count. Give it a try , you might like it :)

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