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iron deficentcy

HI I have had some blood tests done to try and find the cause of itchy skin especially on my legs,with no rash or sores it has been going on for 3 months.I am now told to take iron supplements? This is annoying I am vegetarian except for eating fish and I have a good diet.I take menopace every day as I am 56 and menopause is ongoing with no let up.

I feel that itching is not because of lack in iron does anyone else have any info/advice thanks

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Maybe the itching is a side effect of Menopace?


Hi,I started taking menopace after the itching started.I have now stopped for a bit as Dr has prescribed iron pills for 3 months then I will have another blood test.Will see how that goes.


Surely the bloods will say whether or not you are iron deficient? When I was anaemic I had iron injections and then supplements and I eat meat so it is not always caused by dietary deficiency.

What is your objection to iron supplements?


Hi Ameliapond, I too am generally iron deficient (can't find a cause and am always told to take iron pills, when I go for blood tests to check the levels, and I do take them on and off) and I have ridiculously itchy legs! I am in my early 30s.

I just did some research, as I had never heard about this combination before - of iron deficiency and itchiness, but wow, this makes so much sense. Thanks for your post!! I am off to get checked by a doctor and likely, begin again some iron tablets!

I understand not wanting to take the pills, there are few that don't cause stomach aches and constipation. In my case, I always hope I can get the vitamins I need from a healthy diet! I even try to eat iron rich foods with foods high in vitamin c for better absorption etc. But it seems my body won't agree with my perspective/diet. How annoying!

If you do decide to take iron tablets, I find that trying a number of different brands and types of iron (some are easier to absorb than others), can make a big difference. Some have been easier on my system than others - find one that suits you.

Good luck and thanks again for sharing!


Hi HealthwannBe I never relised there were different types of iron tablets,mine are ferrous sulphate.I will take them for 3 months,then have another blood test.We will see.Thanks for your reply



The best thing about them is that you take only one tablet a day and it has Vitamin C for increased absorption


Thank you I,ve made a note of that.Having to wait for appointments with the Dr for up to 3 weeks its best to write things, down then make a double appointment that way you feel

the doc has all the facts.


I am 54 and from very young age took iron tablets for anemia also had skin rashes as I got older. Seven years ago i was diagnosed as coeliac -intolerace to wheat and gluten.

Have followed gluten free diet all my symptoms have disappeared. Will have to remain on diet for rest of life. Many GP's don't check for coeliac if you don't have upset tummy as this the most common symptom but a quick blood test will show if coeliac is possibilty and will then be followed by further test to confirm diagnosis. Always worth asking your GP to check.


Hi that sounds interesting ,I have just been lent a book Eat.Nourish.Glow by Amelia Freer and it has a section on Coeliac Disease.I am certainly having a re think about my diet of late and that book is helping me! Thanks for telling me your news.


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