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Feeling low

I'm feeling so low my depression is not helping but I need to make changes as the weight is one of the things causing me the depression and I need to get on top of it so I feel better in myself not just for me but for my family I want to become the happy go lucky person I use to be and be here to see my son's grow into men and become great husbands and fathers I just need so much help so my doctor as referred me to weight management and I will go to regular meetings and a group called get active and the gym then hopefully I will do this but I want to start on the healthy eating side of things now as I don't know how long the referel will take

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I do know how you feel it's really tough to make changes when you feel down. Maybe start with something small that you feel sure you can do and think about the things you like about yourself to lift you mood. Good luck


Thank you I'm going to give that a try


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