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Utterly confused! GP friend talking 'Bol*ocks'! :)


I am currently seeing a Musculoskeletal surgeon about my continuing Achilles tendon problem. Saw him yesterday when he told me I will never run again :( . He recommends taking 1000mg Vitamin C every day to support collagen production which will help restore the tendon.

Last night I was talking with a GP friend who asked how things were going and told him what had been said. His reply: 'It sounds like a load of bollocks to me'. I then asked him about Chromium being recommended to help control T2 diabetes and BS levels. 'Sounds like a load more Bollocks to me.'


Certainly the C25K had a HUGE effect on my appetite. For the first time in my (67 year long) life I felt full and not hungry at all between meals. Now the running is not an option and my weight is increasing so I need to take control.

I am drawn to the LCHF plan and have been making feeble attempts at 5:2.

I intend sticking with 5:2 and eating very low carb meals, particularly on non-fast days.

I think I've read too many 'experts' books on what is good for you. At the end of the day they all have a vested interest in selling their books and or products to us. It's like the diet industry all wanting to make big bucks out of our need to improve ourselves.

I'm becoming quite cynical about them all, and I don't know which way to turn if I cannot run. I have decided to put the MP3 player on and ride my bike on its indoor stand. Cycle slowly for the walking sections and faster for the running sections. That's the nearest I think I can get to seek the feel good I used to have when I could run.

We just have to keep moving more!

Happy running and eating everyone! :) :) :)

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Consult a podiatrist who will analyse your running step and recommend inserts or a particular shoe.

My wife had problems with her Achilles about 9 years ago and was in agony . She saw a Miss Sue Kendall who is a consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at the private New Victoria Hospita in Kingston. I think she also has clinics at Parkside in Wimbledon and St Anthony's in Cheam.

She was brilliant and after an operation and rehabilitation my wife made a full recovery and has been walking and running without pain ever since. My wife has recently seen Miss Kendall as her other achilles is now causing her pain. She is now receiving shockwave treatment. You would need a referral from your GP. Can not recommend her highly enough. Suekendall.surgery

Have you tried ultrasound? I suffered for years with what you have and my rugby physio gave me a few weeks of it and bingo, no problems for years x

The fat may help collagen repair.

Consider resistance exercise (calf raise or toe press) to strengthen the supporting muscles.

Emphasise the warm-up and cool-down in future sessions; no ballistic stretches.

Keep exercise to a minimum, 60-80% of maximum heart-rate (220-age), 12 minutes @ 150+ beats per minute, or 20 minutes @ 140+ bpm, or 45 minutes @ 130+ bpm, or 90 minutes @ 120+ bpm, allowing at least 24.2 hours after completion of session before commencement of next session.

Sometimes the hardest exercise is the exercise of restraint.


Very interesting story! Please take care.

Many thanks to all of you for your suggestions, I will look into all aspects of them.

I am currently reading Ben Goldacre's book 'Bad Science' and would urge everyone to take a look at his book before being seduced into the many alternative therapies available. Personally I am desperate to rid myself of T2Diabetes and I have been reading (too many?) books by nutritionists and dietitians etc. with dubious qualification to be advocating what to take. It is a minefield out there with many, many people with vested interests in perpetuating our weaknesses. On both sides of the fence - Big Pharma and 'Alternative' therapies.

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For your T2D, do you go for six monthly HbA1C blood test and NHS eye screening every year. At the moment my HbA1C blood test is saying my T2D is in control by food intake control and regular exercise.

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Hi Bala,

Yes, I do have the tests you mention every year. I am struggling a bit keeping my BS down because of not getting enough exercise but I did manage for it not to increase last time which was good considering, without the running.

I will start just plain walking soon - down to the open air park gym - have a session there and stop fretting about not running. I've been told I will never run again :( but hey - worse things happen! I had a nasty fall last week and thought I'd broken a rib so that's stopped me doing any physio for a while. Then I had a nasty stomach virus which stopped me from even having boiled water. Lost 3kg in as many days!

I am feeling very fragile at the moment! I'll be glad when the better weather comes and I can get out without falling on the ice!

Hope all is well at your end. ATB

could you not use bad language please? some users may find it distressing

One way of getting the message!

Maybe instead of running, you could go swimming? Alternatively, 'running' on a cross trainer is very low impact exercise. I have problems with my Achilles' tendons and find that both these forms of exercise are ok.

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